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In....and Out...of the Car

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 Something I’ve promised myself I would do.


I’ve masturbated in my car before, but always somewhere ‘safe’. Somewhere where the likelihood of me actually being caught was quite low.

This time I wanted to push the boundaries. So, I drove to a mall. The car park was busy, as they usually are on a Saturday, but similarly, people are usually focused on what they’re doing. Loading the car, unloading the kids.

At first, I just reached up my skirt and stroked myself over my already damp panties. Nice, but not nice enough. The next thing was skirt up. Flashing has always been a source of pleasure for me, and today was no different. Again nice, but.....

So, hand in panties....mmmmm warm and wet. Still.......

Next, panties off. Legs spread, and fingers at work, happily watching those around me....paying no attention whatsoever! At one point, my car even moved as someone bumped into me carrying a large box. He even smiled apologetically. 

Boobs out? Could I be that daring? I mean, my lower half was mainly below the steering wheel. I guess it wasn’t that daring after all. So, I slipped a shoulder strap of my top down and a cheeky little boob popped out. That did it nicely. Now I felt exposed....on display as I had intended. And with one hand on my boob and the other taking care of down below, I felt the familiar approach of a nice orgasm. 

Maybe one or two people looked....maybe one or two people noticed.....I was kinda disappointed really....until I saw a girl watching me intently from the back rear window of a car parked close to me. She looked to be in her mid teens, but it’s not easy to tell these days. She didn’t take her eyes off me though as I edged myself. I knew she could see anything more than my hand on my breast though. At one point she mouthed at me while making a masturbation hand movement. I looked at her, then deliberately down between my legs and then back at her, then smiled and nodded in an encouraging way. I wanted to say “Yep. I’m doing myself. Wanna watch? “

To my delight, she scrambled out of her car and came over, leaning on my car as if she was talking to me. I opened my window wide so that she could see clearly, and talk to me if she wanted to. 

Almost immediately, I had to fight the urge to not cum then and there. She said “Wow. That’s so cool.....right here....in public....where everyone can see.” Well, hardly that. I could see that she was getting aroused, that sex flush is such a give away. Then I said “I’m gonna cum.” And I let go a really sweet orgasm. 

She scuttled back to her car immediately I’d finished. 

She sat there with her back to me, but her head fixed on the mall door. 

On my drive to the next ‘target’, I wondered if she was doing exactly what I’d just done?

As I drove home I got to thinking about sex with strangers in public places. I know, I know, way too risky these days, but what a fucking turn on! There’s a girl I work with who says she does it....regularly. She says she drives out to certain locations she knows and there are always men and sometimes couples ready to play. Then again, she takes a lot of,sick days, so maybe not.  



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