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In the Workplace...

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I can't resist any longer. I just have to contribute.

I read Solo Touch stories every day I can. They have changed my attitude toward sexuality and so much more...

To the point. This is genuine.


A female colleague has just left my office after a friendly chat. She is tall, shapely and more than a little bit sexy. Shoulder-length, golden brown hair and full, luscious lips. A real head turner.
Anyway, as innocent as our conversation was, I am left with a bit of a problem. I am as hard as a rock and it ain't going away. This has happened quite a few times and I know exactly what I have to do.
When I finish typing this I am going to go the men's room and masturbate thinking about her. I would never make any suggestive comments or in any way try to encourage something to happen between us. So this will be all that will happen. I can still smell her perfume and it is driving me crazy. I am a little flushed and I know that there is precum gathering on the top of my penis.
I am going to lick every inch of her body and spoil her as much as I can. I am going to imagine giving her slow oral pleasure. I am going to imagine whispering to her, asking her, 'How can I make you feel electric?' I want her to feel like a queen. When I have imagined she has come hard at least once I will then switch the roles and have her pleasure me for a little bit.
I will imagine her rubbing her naked body against me. She will trace a line with her tongue from my neck down my chest and tummy to my crotch. Slowly. As though she is enjoying it too. Then it will all speed up. She will unbutton my jeans and take out my penis. I will hear her breathing change and she will squeeze me, gentle but firm. She will whisper to me that she wants me to let it all go. To let her give me a little something back.
I feel the heat of her mouth around the head of my penis as she slips me into her mouth. She moans gently and the vibration of the sound causes my penis to swell a little bit more. I am rock hard now and she knows that it won't be long. She begins to suck me, strong and urgently. I feel her fingernails trace the shape of my testicles. She holds them in her free hand. I am close. She can feel it and the pace increases. She concentrates on the head of my penis and moans again to urge me on. I remember her words and begin to feel the tingle building behind my scrotum. With a few rapid sucks she brings me to the edge and I am over. She tastes the first spurt and then pumps my orgasm onto her chest, all the while whispering, 'On my breasts. Yes, let go.' I am faint with the pleasure. She stands, still holding my erection. My come runs down her tummy, over her hip and down her thigh.
A little kiss and a smile and I will open my eyes.
Before I go and fulfill this, I just want to say that I hope someone out there enjoys it. Maybe even the female readers. I hope they understand. Thanks for reading and happy solo touching.
I really gotta go now. Lots to do...



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