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In the Toilets

Posted by: Age: 15 (at the time) Posted on: 16 comments
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My parents are divorced and I was at my dad's house for two weeks on a canal trip.
Normally I don't go to my dad's house very often and if I do I don't stay long, maybe two days at max. But when I do go I share a room with my younger sister so I never masturbate while I'm there. I save it until I'm back at my mum's house with much more privacy. But for two weeks in the summer holidays I was at my dad's house on a canal trip. That meant sleeping on the small boat sharing a room with my younger sister. I wasn't even able to masturbate in the shower because my dad didn't want us taking too long in the shower and I was afraid they would be able to hear me as it was such a small boat. By the time we were a week in I was getting incredibly horny with no chance to masturbate. I became wet every day and was really tempted but I didn't want to be caught. Near the end of the trip we went to a restaurant for dinner one day. After we had ordered our food and were waiting for it I went to the toilet. I hitched up my skirt and pulled down my panties. When I was finished and was pulling my panties back up I noticed a wet mark on them. It got me instantly horny and a crazy thought popped into my head. What if I masturbated right here? There was no one else in the toilets so I finally had some privacy. I decided I would do it and pulled my panties fully up. I knew I had to be quick and my clit was begging to be touched so I went straight for it. I love masturbating through my panties as they feel great against my pussy so that's exactly what I did. I rubbed my clit through them and instantly felt a wave of pleasure go through me. This was the first time in almost two weeks so it felt amazing. The wet spot on my panties began to grow as I rubbed through them and I could feel the wetness on my fingers. I began to moan slightly as I just couldn't help it. I started to rub my boobs through my top, which I couldn't be bothered taking off by that point. I could feel my hard nipples so I started pinching and rolling them in my fingers. I could feel myself getting closer, and so was moaning louder. I started rubbing faster and putting on more pressure when suddenly I came. The wave that went through me was incredible. I lifted my feet off the ground and curled my toes as it went through me. At that point it was one of the best orgasms I had felt. I hadn't masturbated in what felt like ages and the rush of doing it in a public place where someone could walk in at any minute made the orgasm so much more intense. The orgasm subsided after what felt like an eternity and I slumped down on the seat. I realized where I was after a moment and got up, washed my hands and left. I sat back down at my seat with my dad and younger sister wearing my still wet panties. No one asked why I took so long we just ate our meal then left. That was the first time I had ever masturbated in a public place. After that I started masturbating in public places much more often. But those are different stories for another time. If people like this one I might tell those as well.



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