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In The Shit

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Oh boy. I’m in the shit well and truly. After my morning masturbation. (See my story about masturbating thinking about my dad) I knew I wanted more cums and in different places, so I went to the library......not to read. 


Right now, I’m sitting in the Dean’s office, and we are having a difficult conversation.....well....difficult,for him. I’m rather enjoying it actually. 

I went to the library, intending to force myself to have a silent orgasm or two. Silent cums are incredibly strong. It seems that because I can’t make any noise, the orgasm gets angry and tries to force me to. 

So, I picked a location where I thought there were no cctv cameras, but where another student might just get a quick flash of what I was up to. I had cum once, and was well on my way to another when one of the librarians hissed at me. “You! With me! Now!”

in her office she told me she would be phoning the Dean immediately. And that’s why I’m sitting in his office. 

“Er....Rebecca, isnt it?.”

”Call me Becky.”

”umm, yes, well.....Becky. Look, this is very embarrassing for both of us, but, I’m told you’ve been using our library for, ahh..purposes other than reading?”

”Yes, I suppose I have.”

”and those purposes were.....sexual?”

”Yes, Dean. I’m sure you’ve already been told, but I was masturbating.”

poor man, he flushed bright scarlet. Me? I slumped a little in ,y chair and let my legs part. Not a lot, just enough so I knew he could see the V of my panties. 

I saw his eyes flicker down, then back, then down and back again, then down for much longer while he spluttered “well, we all know that in some websites, there are videos of people who seem to enjoy masturbating in their auniversity libraries, and then post it online. I assume you were doing that?”

”no sir, I wasn’t. I just wanted to cum somewhere where I couldn’t make any noise about it. Any noise at all.” I fully expected suspension at this point, so I figured I had nothing to lose. “I suppose it’s like you. If you had sex with a student here, in your office, you’d want to be very quiet about it, and you wouldn’t want either her or you to make any noise. That makes it all the more exciting.” 

Much more, and he would have a heart attack right in front of me. “Er...well...quite.....not that there’s any possibility of course.....wouldn’t entertain the thought for a moment.....quite unacceptable.....but I take your point.”

i slipped a little further into the soft armchair and my legs opened more. I imagine he could clearly see the swelling of my cunt lips, and he would definitely have seen how wet I was. Dare I let a finger idly just brush myself? 

“Well, um, Becky, this is a serious misuse of a University facilities, and it can’t go unpunished.” I let a finger just trace down my V. “And we must discourage you from ever thinking about doing anything like this again.” Another stroke. I wasn’t doing it to get myself off, rather to fluster the poor sod, but even so, my interrupted orgasm from earlier was still very much there. “Under the circumstances, there are several options open to me.....(another, this time double touch)....I could gate you until the end of term. Or possibly suspend your course for a year. Or even send you down.” 

“I wouldn’t like to go down, Sir.” And yes, I put as much double entendre into that sentence as you can imagine.

By now, he was making no attempt to make eye contact with me. He was looking intently at that little white V and the movement of my little finger. So I thought, fuck this. I wanted a silent cum.....I may as well have one.

i knew he would get up at one point to end the interview, and I wondered if I could time it for then and cover it by gettingmip myself, maybe making a few tiny noises as I did. 

He tumbled on about “first disciplinary offence......no need to go the whole way......written warning active for the remaining year......student record.....etc.” And with each sentence, I let my little finger do its job just tickling, lightly over my panties. As soon as he moved to get up and his eyeline moved to his desk, I gave myself a really rapid frig. By the time he had reached his desk, I was cumming. “Well, I think that’s all, Becky. thank you.”he said with typical professorial politeness. 

As I got up the orgasm was still rumbling away. 

I closed the heavy oak door behind me and wondered if I immediately walked back in right now, if he would,have his cock in his hand and be kneeling in front of the chair where I sat, smelling the cushion? 

What a delicious thought. 



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