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In the Light of Day

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I had taken the day off work so that I could spend some time working around the house. Because the weather is warming up, I decided that the best way to keep cool, of course, was to be nude as much as possible, so that's how I spent my morning as I puttered around.

It's hard for me to spend that much time completely naked without my thoughts turning at some point to my ever-present friend. He had been pretty good up to that point, which to my mind deserved a reward. My reward usually starts off with about 15-18 drops of baby oil, lavishly smeared onto my cock. As you might expect, he understood right away what I had planned and stood up to take his beating. (Lovingly done, of course!)

I was watching the local news break at noon because the female anchor is absolutely hot, so I sat on the sofa as my hand pumped up and down, using the lube to its full effect. Not being one to rush things, I was taking my time enjoying the brimming feeling, ringing my tip with my thumb, turning my hand upside down and rubbing down my cock to massage my balls, making a ring around the head and stroking rapidly there... whatever felt best at that moment.

It being a weekday, it occurred to me that my neighbors *probably* wouldn't be home, with the exception of the retired couple next door (but they're always hard to gauge anyway). I walked over to my sliding glass door that looks out into my backyard, pool and deck, and thought about what I had planned. 'Why not,' I said to myself. I quietly unlocked the door and slid it open.

It was a bright, sunny, warm day-perfect for an outdoor wank. I stepped out into the sun and carefully slid the door shut behind me. I ducked down a little bit to avoid the one window in my neighbour's house with a clear view of my door and then remembered (as if it were the first time!) that if anyone was anywhere near my front gate, they'd see me standing there completely nude with an oily erection. 'Oops!' I thought and moved forward quickly to get away from the view of the gate. By this time, I was well onto my deck.

I decided to sit down and enjoy the feeling of the hot sun warming my cock and balls. The oil started feeling particularly warm and I realized that my erection had started to droop a little, so I went back to work. It didn't take too long for the cum to brim up and make its first appearance; I usually let a little come up and then edge off before working it back up to a lather in the oil. (It takes years of practice to be able to cum a little, then stop, then cum a little more. Most times I usually just blow it, but every now and then I can succeed in having a multiple.) Luckily, today was a multiple, and I was able to milk about five or six big drops of semen out before I decided to let go with the rest of the load.

Within a few moments, there was a puddle of yellowish-white cum sitting on the deck as my spent boner started its final droop. I sat there for another minute under the open sky, thankful that no one had flown overhead within the last few minutes. I stood up and headed back into the house, leaving my pool of cum out there in the light of day. I washed up and continued cleaning. Later that night I got into the chat rooms on cam, but that's another story for another day.



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