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In the Driveway

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My girlfriend and I being intimate in the driveway of her house.


My girlfriend and I were always creative in finding places and time alone to satisfy each other. She had three brothers and a sister, so there was not many times we could be alone at her house. We did find an exciting way to be "alone"...

In the driveway in her backyard there was a large tree with long draping branches that formed a canopy over my truck when I would park there as it would shield us with privacy from the house. After checking where the rest of family was, in bed, watching TV or gone for the night, she would meet me at my truck usually dressed for the night in sweat pants and a t-shirt leaving her bra behind in her room. I would sit at the edge of the trucks bench seat with the drivers door open and she would stand between my legs leaning on my left thigh. The way were positioned nobody could tell what we were up to.
We would start kissing and feeling each others bodies over our clothes and of course, being 18, it didn't take long to get warmed up. I would reach up under her shirt to touch her firm breasts and gently pinching her nipples or drawing up her shirt to take them in my mouth. Feeling them harden always turned me on so much. She would unbutton and unzip my jeans to pull out my growing cock and slowly stroke it.
I moved her hand away as not to come too fast and I wanted to concentrate on her. While deeply kissing her I would move from her breasts down past the waistband of her sweatpants to play with the soft hair of her pussy (Girls didn't shave "down there" much back then). I would insert my finger into her very wet pussy feeling as deep as I could, causing her to gasp in pleasure, slowly moving in and out of her. With my now well lubricated finger I would pull up to her clit and stimulate her with slow circular motions.

As the tempo would build, she would lean further into my thigh breathing heavier and heavier. She would reach again for my cock and finger the tip of it, swirling the pre-cum around the head and down the shaft making me oh so hard. We would do this until we we couldn't take it any more. Her hips would start to quiver as she got closer to her orgasm and she would kiss my neck moaning with pleasure, thrusting her hips as she would orgasm into my hand. While she came, she would stroke my cock with firm and deliberate motions rubbing the head for more pre-cum for lube. She moaned in pleasure when I would let her know that I was about to come and then came hard soaking her hand with my cum trying not to be too loud. We would continue to kiss as we calmed down and she always brought a towel out for us to clean up.
I am not with her now as we both moved on with our lives and other relationships. I still have fond memories of her and still get very aroused when I think of those nights under the tree in her driveway.



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