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In Public Bathroom

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A surprise in the bathroom at the batting cages.


Well, there's this indoor soccer arena that I go to often to use the batting cages so I can practice on the off season for baseball. Well, yesterday evening there was this smokin' hot Asian girl in the cage next to me. I can tell she's never played baseball or even hit the ball cause she was standing over homeplate. Then she got hit in the hand with the ball.

There were other kids with her using the cage and I was with one of my friends. While I was sitting on the bench watching my friend bat, I noticed she was looking at me but I didn't really think anything about it then.

I had to go to the bathroom so I walked to the rest room. As I'm pissing in the urinal I hear the door open (it's a more than one person restroom) and I just think its some other guy going to take a leak. I turn around and its the smokin' hot Asian!

She gives me a really seductive look and then she shoves me in the handicap stall and locks the door and then she removes her jacket and then top and hangs them on the clothes rack. Then she tells me to undo her bra.

I do, then she hangs that up, too, then she unzips my pants and pulls out my 7 inch cock. She starts rubbing it really slow at first then she speeds up.

While she's doing this I unzip her pants and start rubbing her clit; then she stops pumping my cock and starts blowing me till I cum. I came everywhere all over her face. Then I start rubbing her clit even harder and then I insert my index and middle finger in her pussy.

Her pussy tightened up around my fingers then she came all over my hand.

After we both got our breath back she put her clothes back on and then gave me her number and told me to call her then she left. I left like 5 min. later so no one would think we were in the bathroom together. I went back to the batting cages and my friend asked me what I was doing so long in the bathroom. I said nothing. Then he sees the smokin' hot Asian but she's not lookin' at him she's looking at me!



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