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In My Car

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I love to expose myself and the best way to do it is in my car. It is so exciting to be driving around in my car with my shorts off and masterbating. I usually put on a cock ring so my dick swells up big and stays hard longer. I use plenty of baby oil so I don't get an irritation. On several occasions I have driven around town doing this for as long as four hours. The thrill is unbelievible. I like to look for a nice looking young woman getting out of her car, in a parking lot(shopping centers are best), park beside her and wait for her to come back out.
One day I was driving through this shopping center when I spotted this young woman getting out of her car walking to the store. She had a very short pleeted mini skirt(like cheerleaders wear) and a halter top on. As I drove by her a gust of wind blew up her skirt and she wasn't wearing any underwear. My excitment level went up about ten notches. I drove around behind the building got out of my car and got completely naked and put my clothes in the trunk. This makes it more exciting when I know I can't get to my clothes. I drove back around and parked beside her car, started jacking off and waited for her to come out. I only waited about ten minutes when I saw her coming out of the store. I was so turned on it was almost unbelievable. I didn't want to cum too soon so I slowed my stroke. Then she was coming around the front of her car, looked at me through my winshield and smiled. When she started to open her door she turned and looked at me and she could see me jacking off. She turned away quickly, but then to my surprise she slowly turned back around leaned down and slightly in my window. She said, 'You look like you are enjoying yourself'. I exclaimed, 'OH YES, I AM', and I started cumming. The first squirt hit my steering wheel and I kept stroking myself but pulled it back in my direction. The next one landed on my chest. I looked at her and her eyes were fixed on my exploding cock and her mouth had dropped open. The rest of my cum just flowed out like a river, all over my hand, down on my balls and onto my seat. It was a real mess. When I was finally done she told me I had the biggest cock she had ever seen and that's why she had turned back around for a second look. It's little less than eight inches(not that big) but with the cock ring on it looks bigger because it gets so fat. She said she had never seen a man cum that much and it must have felt wonderful. I told her it was the best feeling I had ever had and the most I had ever cum and it was all due to her. She smiled at me and looked like she was really pleased with what she had helped me do. She told me to be careful and not get caught. She pulled something out of her bag and wrote on and threw it on my seat. She got in her car and drove away. It was business card and she had written 'Please Call Me'. I did, but that's another story.



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