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In College 1

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When I was in uni, I went off the rails. Over-strict parenting, coupled with the unbridled freedom of Uni, well, what did you think would happen?  I wont be posting many stories here, but they are supposed to be therapeutic.  Lets begin.


I didn’t know what I was when I went to college. Straight? Lesbian? Bi? No idea. My parents, although not religious wouldn’t let me or my brother have locks on our bedroom doors, and we always had to leave the doors open unless we were actually getting changed. 

So, Uni. 

First off, I discovered the joys of masturbation. By that, I mean unrestricted, couldn’t give a fuck who heard masturbation. Ever since I was 13, I’d learned to come quietly into my panties, and even then, I would get a bollocking from mum if she thought my panties were too stained. Parents! 

Then when I was 18 I met him. He was a totally hunky guy, 15 years older than me.....and married.

So, one night, we were in my room, about four of us to being with. One by one they drifted off until there was just me and him. Oh yes, the wine had flowed, but so had the wetness in my panties. The conversation had turned sexual, even when the others were there. One girl said she wanted to try sex with another girl. (Me too). One of the guys said he wanted a threesome with two girls, and another girl said she wanted two boys in her at once. (Fuck...me too!)

Then there was just me and him. He had t joined in the sexual banter, so I asked him outright. “What about you?” He looked so sad suddenly. “All my life, I have never met a girl who was totally uninhibited....who was up for anything anywhere. I would love to have an affair with a girl like that.” We chatted on about specifics. “You know, I’ve never seen a girl masturbate.” 

Me? Well, I was sitting on my bed, while he was in my armchair. I raised my knees and let them flop apart. I knew I was already wet.....hell.....visibly so.....and I slipped my hand into my panties. “Watch me”. And, for the first time in my life, I masturbated in front of someone. It was heady, erotic, Wild, breathtaking. Oh, simply wonderful. 

I came, violently, into the crotch of my panties. For a moment, I really thought I might urinate as well as come.....and for a moment, I didn’t really care if I did. 

You must remember, this was the most erotic thing I had even done so far. 

That, of course, left him with an erection. When I came down, I asked him to close his eyes. “Don’t think....just answer. Where have you NEVER come on a girl?” Without a seconds hesitation he said “Her face.” 

I asked him to stand and got up from the bed and knelt before him. “Do it on me. Do it on my face.”

He produced a wonderfully big cock and gave it a few strokes. I closed my eyes and leaned in. Soon I felt him spurting all over my face (again a first) and in my hair (didnt realise then how difficult it is to wash out). 

That began an affair that lasted almost a year. It involved the wildest, most erotic, perverted, kinky, dirty sex imaginable.....and it culminated with me having my threesome....with his wife!

If you like, I will write more of my experiences.



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