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In Boot Camp

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The weirdest thing that's ever happened to me.


At the age of seventeen I joined the Air Force, and oh how I was looking forward to bootcamp (that's sarcasm if you can't tell) Well, low and behold, Air Force boot camp was just six weeks of folding clothes the right way, doing push ups, and running. Not too hard if you kept your face out of view of your TI(technical instructor).

The only fun part about basic was jacking off. (okay let me explain) On the third night our TI had all of us get in the dayroom and sat us all down. (about 35 of us). We all still had civilian clothes because military issue wasn't until the next day. At night we all ran around in a pair of underwear and t-shirt that we brought with us.

He told us that on Wednesday is the day we wash the bed sheets. So if there was something we 'needed and should do' in the sheets to get them dirty, we should, for it will be the only stress relief we will get. Then he said if he catches anyone in the stalls, or doing it in the shower he will not be forgiving.

We all read between the lines and thought 'okay,'. Well, Wednesday had already passed so we waited until the next. We got our military clothes and now people were running around the dorm in just a pair of tighty whities. For some reason everyone's bulge and the thought of all these guys jerking off made me want to jack off more.

So Wednesday came. Taps played and we all got in our beds. Silence. No one wanted to do anything. Until one guy said aloud, 'Shit, if yall ant I am,' and you could hear his metal spring bed just a creakin'. I took note from him and took off my shirt under my covers and my underwear and threw them on the floor next to me. Everyone around me saw and surprisingly did the same.

My hard on was visible, really visible and I started stroking it right there. Quite a few guys couldn't quit staring at my hand going a hundred miles an hour under my bed sheets and the length of my dick stretching the covers. Pretty soon the whole dorm was jacking off and metal springs were squeaking everywhere.

Well, I don't get off like everyone else, I have to get on my stomach and hump a pillow. So that's what I did. I was getting too hot, so I threw off my covers and started humping my pillow in front of everyone right there butt naked. Surprisingly I noticed just about everyone else throw off their covers and wackit, and a few start humping their pillows.

The smell of male sex and the knowledge of all these guys about to produce buckets of cum made me blow. I quickly rolled over and jacked my dick once and cum blew up and onto my face, chest, arms, and neck. I blew about ten times.

I heard people moaning right after that and noticed a few people shooting out of the corner of my eye. We cleaned up by wiping our manhood and manjuice on the sheets of our bed. The aroma of cum was intoxicating. After about 30 minutes we were all fast asleep.

Every Wednesday after that it was the best time I ever had jacking off. I talked to others and no one else in our brother flights had the same experience.



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