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Improving My Masturbation Skills

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As an autosexual female, I'm constantly looking for ways of making it better for myself.


My first positive experience with a change in masturbatory technique took place at an age that is a bit too young to mention according to site rules.  It was when I had transitioned from humping and squeezing my palm, my technique for years, to clitoris fingering.  I wrote about it in a previous story.  I felt so grown up when I made the change.  It was a real coming of age event for me.  I was on the cusp of puberty, and lots of things were happening for me at the time, so it made sense that I would abandon my childish masturbatory style in favor of grown woman clit diddling.  That was really the moment that made me realize that masturbation was not only an enjoyable pastime of mine.  It was also a skill that could be improved.

My next watershed moment in my masturbatory timeline was when I was 14 and discovered edging.  I've also written about this in a previous story.  I had problems with premature orgasm previous to this, never lasting more than a few short minutes once I had reached the plateau stage.  Learning how to delay my orgasm by identifying my point of no return and bringing myself down from that edge was another breakthrough for me.  At the time, I was getting much of my sex advice from women's magazines I would read at the public library, and I learned this there.  I also noticed that many of the sex advice columns featured questions from women much older than me who hadn't yet had their first orgasm and were looking for ways to become orgasmic.  I remember feeling smug that, as a practicing edger, I was already more advanced as a masturbator than they were, but I was so much younger.

My adult life has been one long term goal of becoming the best masturbator I can possibly be.  Sometimes, I will set goals for myself that are not useful later.  For instance, I wrote about how I once, over the course of several months, decided I would train myself to masturbate while watching porn without orgasming instantly.  Once I achieved the goal of lasting for an acceptable period of time with porn, I decided that I liked to use porn only as inspiration before masturbation rather than as an accompaniment, anyway.  I had a similar experience of training myself to orgasm while rubbing the left side of my clitoris.  My sweet spot is the right side of my clitoris, and I had figured that maybe I'm missing out on something by not being able to get the left side to do the same for me.  After about a dozen sessions where I gradually got closer to the point of orgasm before switching to my right side, I finally succeeded in climaxing with only left side stimulation.  But this skill was useless, because I never wanted to use it again after that.

On the flip side of these several dead ends, I have benefitted from many more advancements I've picked up along the way.  The subtle variations I've developed that add to my menu of clitoris stroking styles, the overcoming of orgasm triggers to allow me to last longer, the use of mirrors to enhance my arousal, the making of masturbation videos and the uploading of them to the internet, and other things all came from this mindset of wanting always to improve my masturbatory skills and give myself new and improved experiences.

I have many more years to look forward to when I can hope for continued progress as a masturbator.




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