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I Was So Embarrassed!

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Another story from a client.


I attend a weekly naked yoga class. It used to be all guys, typically around a dozen of us. About a year ago, two women, obviously friends with each other, joined. Us guys were flabbergasted, and the hetero and bisexual ones among us were overjoyed. Now, these women weren't young, thin movie stars, but neither are most of the guys.

A few times before the women came, a few random guys might have an erection from time to time. Everyone was cool with that.

Once the women started coming around, you'd think we'd all get erect, looking at those luscious, swinging breasts, and nicely trimmed pussies. But we didn't. I think all of us guys were kind of shy, or sort of ashamed to have erections in front of the girls, so we didn't.

Then one day, one of the women made some off-hand remark about masturbating, and it affected me the wrong way. Or would that be the right way? I had visions of her masturbating. Of course she didn't do anything like that there in the class.

Well, to make a long story short, I became erect. I probably turned three shades of red in my cheeks, but there was nothing I could do about it. I just continued my poses, dick sticking straight out  and all. What else could I do?

After a couple of minutes, during which it refused to go down, I happened to notice that some of the others guys got hard, too. I felt more comfortable with other erections in the room, and it was starting to become natural-feeling for me. No one said anything. So now, there were a dozen guys, half of which had hardons, and the two girls near the back of the room.

Paul, the instructor, asked whether he could take our picture at that point. A few of the guys murmered their assent, as did I.

I don't know what I was thinking. Like, where would that picture end up? It didn't occur to me, somehow, that he'd put it on his website. But that's just what he did.

I had no idea until I was idly looking at the web about a month later, and decided to take a look at Paul's site. I was so shocked I gasped. There I was, pretty much front and center in the photo, with a big 'ole erection. And it was totally obviously me. You can see my face plain as day. I'm naked and erect on the Internet! It's so embarrassing.

I have gotten mostly over it, but the moment I saw myself there, my heart started racing. I seriously wanted to phone Paul and insist he remove the photo right away. But, I never did call him. Here's the odd part of the whole thing: I'm rather proud of that photo now. No one I know has seen it, but I'm kind of looking forward to the day that a friend, a co-worker or a family member says they saw me naked on the Internet. Knowing that day is coming scares me, and makes me want to jerk off, all at the same time.



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