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I Was 13, He Was 17

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Another story told to me by a client. Once again, I had permission to record it on my iPhone, and then dictate it for Solotouch.

I was 13, he was 17. I thought he was so sophisticated. He was an adult from my perspective.


I started hanging around the bike shop since I was 12 years old. They had a couple of stools at the counter, and I sat on one as much as possible. The proprietor, Alex, told me to never sit on a stool when there were customers in the showroom, but that I could any other time. And I did. The shop was set up such that people sitting on the stools could look past the sales counter into the back area, where the mechanics worked, and converse with them. Jamie was one of them. He was tall, had curly black hair to match his jet black skin, and was a great conversationalist. Or at least he seemed so to me at the time. Jamie had acquired a position of trust with Alex, and sometimes ran the store alone when things were quiet. That's when I liked the store the most. I have to say I adored Jamie, and he seemed to like me.

We'd talk about just everything as he assembled new bikes. He was not allowed to work on customers' repairs. He only assembled bikes. I would have killed to have a job like his, but being 13, I'd have to wait an interminable long time. I was not only a skinny little white kid, but had pretty much no suntan at all. You see, I liked bikes from an intellectual perspective, but I didn't actually ride much. And when I did ride, it was deep in the night. Sometimes, especially on a hot summer night, I'd sneak out of the house, and go on a long ride through downtown when there was almost no traffic. That, I loved!

I told Jamie, and to my delight, he wanted to go on a late night ride with me! I was honored. IT always amazed me that a big old 17 year old would associate with me at all.

One night, we worked it out. I actually had my parents permission to ride at night, so sneaking out was no longer necessary. We arranged to meet in front of the shop at midnight. Jamie was ten minutes late, and I was going crazy, figuring he had stood me up. When he arrived, I broke into a big smile, and so did he.

We set out toward town, but he seemed more interested in riding in the quiet neighborhoods. As we were riding along, he started asking me questions about sex. I didn't mind. Didn't know much about it, really. I had jerked off a few times, and could get a little of the white stuff, but didn't generally think much about it. But that night, Jamie was all interested. He wanted to know how much white stuff I got. I told him a couple of drops came out. He acted like he didn't believe me. I wanted to talk about derailleurs, tire pressures and such, but he kept coming back to sex. It was starting to bother me a bit, but something else, too. I started imagining doing something with Jamie. I was starting to make little movies in my head about kissing him, and cuddling up to him. Weird, eh?

Now, my parents have always taught me to think for myself, so I wasn't concerned that I was having what the other kids would call 'gay' thoughts. No, I was starting to get more and more into Jamie's conversation.

Along about 1 am, Jamie wanted to head home. Being a school night, he figured both he and I ought to get back to bed, so we wouldn't be all tired the next day. Dang, I was actually starting to imagine getting next to him!

Well, a week later, we rode again. We ended up at his apartment on the what my parents referred to as the 'wrong side of town.' He invited me in. I asked about his parents, and he told me he doesn't have any parents. He is being raised by his uncle, who is a drug addict, and seldom home. I can't even imagine what his life must be like. But that night, I found out a little bit. I came in, and once again I was imagining kissing him and all that.

He wanted to know if I'd like to see his bedroom. It was a little tiny thing made out of a large closet, but he had a bed, a cabinet for his clothes, and a desk for his ancient computer. He showed me some porn. It was all male. At the time, that seemed completely natural. I forgot to even think about women. I was enjoying seeing those large dicks and all the things the guys were doing. He asked me if I liked what I saw, and I had to admit, "Yes!"

Smooth as glass, he asked if I'd like to try some of that. I said "yes" again. He started us off with strip poker. I lost first. He expressed delight at seeing my smooth little penis (which grew much bigger and got hair a year later). It was sticking straight up. I didn't think anything of it. Perhaps looking back, I might have been embarrassed, considering that it was an obvious expression of my sexual interest in Jamie. After I lost all my clothes, he just pulled off his underwear, and I saw his dick for the first time. It was scary big, at least compared to mine. His balls were big too. And, the most amazing thing was that his foreskin covered his glans entirely. I had never seen anything like that. He told me it might be more common among black people than white.

We did cuddle and kiss a bit, but it didn't feel quite right. I'm not quite sure why. So then he reached out and tickled the underside of my penis, just below the glans. Now that felt right! Very right! I spurted cum instantly. He said that we'll have to practice some to control that. I didn't really understand at the time, but evidently, one could learn to enjoy longer sessions before cumming. I didn't have enough experience at the time to know the difference.

After a few minutes, he turned around, so he was on his hands and knees on his bed. He wanted me to tickle his anus. I was a bit geeked out by that, and had instantly lost my sexual appetite, but I knew I owed him. So I started fooling around with his asshole. Then, it started to be fun again, and I spit on my finger, and started pressing it into his ass. He showed me how to press forward and do what he called 'activating' his prostate. I wanted to know what that was like, so we switched. He had me get on my hands and knees. He found some hand cream, and put it on his finger and on my asshole. That's the first time I had ever had that happen. It was amazing. I had never been touched there. I instantly erected again. Then, ever so slowly, he introduced his finger into my anus. I had to ask him to stop. It hurt a bit. After a minute, he pressed on, and it no longer hurt. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Well not quite. After a minute, he pressed on my prostate. It felt kind of like I had to pee, but much, much better, and boing: It happened again. I squirted out another couple drops of cum on his bedspread. I apologized, but he told me he's going to cherish the stain he hopes it will leave.

That was about it for that night. Then last week, we planned to do it again, his uncle was out for the night again, but his sister was home. She's 15, and I have to say, absolutely beautiful. You'll never believe what happened that night! Tonight, all three of us plan to get together if his uncle is not home.



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