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I Took Her Out - Reluctantly

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Long story - most of it is true, only a couple of parts are not. I wasn't looking forward to taking her out - but it turned out really good!


During my senior year in high school, I had dated a couple of girls, but at the time of this story, I wasn’t steady with anyone in particular.  One of the girls in my class - Sheryl - I had known for years.  She was pretty average looking, not someone that I normally would consider going out with.  Besides, Sheryl was engaged to a guy named Edwin who had graduated the year before.  Edwin had joined the Army right after, and was on a year-long deployment overseas.


Our school’s homecoming banquet was coming up, and I had planned on asking a hot junior year girl from the class behind us to it.  But before I could ask her, my mother told me that Sheryl’s mother had asked her to get me to take Sheryl to the banquet.  Sheryl’s mom and my mom were good friends; they had pretty much grown up together and I think that her parents and my parents had hoped that Sheryl and I would be together.  Sheryl was one of those shy types.  Kind of a wall flower, and I really didn’t want to have to go out with her.


I tried to get out of the deal, but my mother pretty much insisted that I ask Sheryl to go with me, since Edwin wasn’t around to take her.  I even argued that word would get back to Edwin that I was out with Sheryl.  But Sheryl’s mom had said that Edwin already knew the plans; that he was happy for me to take Sheryl to the banquet so she wouldn’t have to go alone. So, reluctantly I agreed.  I just couldn’t imagine that it was going to be any fun – Sheryl and I had very different personalities and with her being engaged to Edwin, I just didn’t expect that the evening was going anywhere.


On the Saturday evening of the banquet, I drove over to Sheryl’s place to pick her up.  She lived out in the country on a farm, and it took about 20 minutes to get to her house. I had even spent some of my own money on a corsage for her.  She looked nice and had gotten her hair done that afternoon, but she wasn’t wearing anything sexy, just an average dress about knee length, that buttoned up the front.  Her mom pinned the corsage on for her.  She smelled nice, too.


My car at the time had a bench seat instead of bucket seats, and typically a girl would get in on the driver’s side and sit next to me.  But when I walked Sheryl out to my car, she went over to the passenger’s side and waited there for me to open the door for her.  “Great”, I thought to myself.  “This is starting out wonderful.”  And keeping with the theme, Sheryl sat right up against the door, just about as far from me as she could.  Like I was going to attack her or something. I tried to carry on a conversation with her, but all Sheryl wanted to talk about was Edwin.  Edwin this, and Edwin that.  What Edwin was doing overseas, when Edwin would get back, Edwin, Edwin, Edwin.  For the 20 minutes back to the school where we had the banquet, I barely got to talk, and had to listen to her yammer about Edwin.


Things got a little better at the banquet.  The food wasn’t that bad, and there were enough other girls for her to chat with about all their boyfriends.  We had the typical pep talks from the coaches, teachers, football players and cheerleaders about the homecoming game the next Friday.  After the banquet, there was a dance some of the kids stayed for.  I asked Sheryl if she wanted to dance, but she said she didn’t want to.  So we sat around for a while, watching the couples that were left dancing, some of them rubbing onto each other until the teachers and chaperones came over and made them separate a bit.  Finally, Sheryl said that she really didn’t want to hang out at the school for the rest of the evening.  I figured that I’d take her back home, cut my losses, and head back to town to see if I could find some other action.


When we got out to my car, Sheryl said she wasn’t ready to go home yet.  “Joe, do you know where we can come up with some beer or something to drink?” she asked me.  I happened to have the bigger part of a bottle of Bacardi rum in my trunk, left over from the weekend before, and told her about that. 


“That sounds good.  Let’s get some Cokes and go sit and have some rum and Coke somewhere”, Sheryl said.  So that’s what we did, and I found a secluded place behind a grain elevator to park. There were several security lights at the place, but we were parked behind a truck so that we couldn’t be seen from the roadway. I figured that having some alcohol in me would at least make her conversation a little easier to take.  But it seemed like she was done with talking so much about Edwin, and we just chatted more about school and our plans after we graduated. 


Sheryl wasn’t crowded up against the door like before, but she wasn’t up next to me, either.  I could tell that she was relaxing quite a bit from the rum, and she asked me about some of the girls that I had dated.  I was thinking that she was trying to dig for gossip, and didn’t say too much.  Then she asked “Joe, did you and Lisa or you and Tina ever go all the way when you were dating?”


“I don’t think I need to talk about that,” I replied.  “That’s just something for me to keep to myself.”


“Well, I’ve heard that some of the guys like to talk about it,” Sheryl said.  “If you tell me about your experiences, I’ll tell you about Edwin and me.  We were having sex a lot before he left.”  I was surprised that Sheryl, typically a kind of shy girl, would want to discuss her sex life with me.


“I don’t really need to know about what you and Edwin were doing.  I expect that you’ll do it again when he gets back here, and a lot more after you guys get married,” I answered.


We had both been drinking more of the rum and Coke, and I could tell that Sheryl was getting a bit relaxed, but also a bit squirmy, like she wanted to say or do more.  She said “Well, I got really used to regular sex with him.  He always gave me an orgasm when we screwed.” 


I’m sitting there looking at her and wondering why she’s telling me that. She continued with, “And since he’s left, nothing else has happened for me to get off, and I’m getting frustrated and nervous.”


I’m thinking to myself, “OK, so she hasn’t had an orgasm in a while.  Does she want me to help her with that?  Does she want me to fuck her?”


Not really knowing how to say it, I just came right out and asked, “Sheryl, don’t you masturbate?  You know, finger yourself?”


She acted kind of embarrassed about the subject, and then she said, “Joe, I can’t really do that at home.  My younger sister and I share a bedroom, and I’d be so embarrassed if she woke up and caught me fingering myself.  And it seems like someone is always at home; I’m never really alone.  I want to have an orgasm again so bad, but I don’t know how I can do it without someone else. But I promised Edwin before he left that I wouldn’t fuck anyone else.”  She actually said the word `“Fuck”.  Straight-laced, shy Sheryl said “Fuck”. 


Maybe it was the rum, or her frustrations, but she was squirming more on the seat, and moved a little bit farther away from me.  Then she turned a bit towards me, moving her left leg so it was on the seat more and opening up so I could see a bit up between her legs.  She had taken her shoes off earlier, and was looking pretty good with her bare feet and leg up on the car seat. The security lights on the grain elevator where we had parked illuminated the inside of the car enough that I got a pretty good view.


“I want to have orgasms again,” she said.  “But I can’t fuck anyone, since that’s what I promised Edwin.”


I’m kind of devious sometimes.  “Did you just promise not to fuck any other guy?” I asked.  “Or did you promise not to let any other guy touch you anywhere?’


Sheryl paused a bit like she was thinking.  Slowly, she said “You know, I only promised not to fuck anyone else.  We never talked about not doing anything else.  Joe, I think I see where you’re going here.  Could you help me out?”


And there I was thinking I was the devious one.  I was getting the feeling that she had been working towards this ever since we had left the banquet. 


Sheryl moved so that her back was against the door again, but she was turned so that both of her legs were on the car seat facing me, and opened up so that I could see straight up to her panties.  I saw why she was squirming earlier; her talking about sex and orgasms was making her pussy juices start to flow.  She had a dark, moist spot right there on her panties.  She pulled her skirt up higher and reached in and lightly stroked the front of her panty covered pussy.


“Joe, if you help me have an orgasm tonight, I’ll make you cum also,” she said.  “I won’t fuck you, but I’ll do just about anything else.  I really need to have a climax again.  It’s been so long since the last time with Edwin.”


“OK, we can do whatever you want”, I replied.  “But Sheryl, you’ve got to quit talking about Edwin.  It’s kind of freaking me out.”


It was a fairly cool fall evening, and I had the windows up in my car. I could smell Sheryl’s perfume, the flowers in the corsage, and now a musky pussy juice scent.  She moved over next to me, and gave me a nice kiss.  I started fondling her small titties, and she started moaning a bit.  Encouraged, I unbuttoned her dress and pulled it back, exposing her bra-covered tits.  The buttons on her dress went from her neckline all the way to the bottom, and when I got them all undone, I was able to pull both sides of her dress back.  While we were kissing, I was able to run my left hand from her neck, over her bra, down her smooth belly and down to her pussy.


Sheryl was getting hotter by the minute, and her pussy juice aroma was filling the car.  She said “Tell me what you used to do to Lisa or Tina while you’re doing the same thing to me.”  Wow, Sheryl has a bit of a kinky, voyeuristic side maybe?  At least she wasn’t talking about Edwin, and the rum was making it easier for me to talk about some of the girls I had dated before.


“Please, tell me what you did with them,” Sheryl asked again.  This was while we were kissing and she was fondling my now hard cock through the outside of my pants.


“Well,” I said.  “One time with Tina, I reached around and unsnapped her bra and sucked on her tits.”  I reached around to the back of her bra to unsnap it.  I fumbled around for a bit but couldn’t get it unsnapped, and Sheryl chuckled.  “My bra fastens in the front, not the back,” she told me.  That was a new one for me; I’d never encountered a front-snap bra before.  So I unsnapped it, and there were her small, probably A-cup, titties out in the open. 


She said again “Tell me some more what you did with Tina.” Getting into the game, I said “Like I was saying, I sucked on Tina’s tits.”  And I sucked on both of Sheryl’s tits, alternating between them while she was moaning and getting hotter.   She continued lightly stroking my cock.  Then I said, “I moved my hand down inside her panties and played with her pussy,” which I did to Sheryl.


Sheryl was getting really turned on.  She pulled away from me a bit, and pulled her panties completely off.  Before she could put them on the floor, I said “Lisa liked to rub her panties on my face.”  Sheryl looked me kind of quizzically, then smiled and said “You’re a little kinky, too, aren’t you?”  Then she rubbed her panties all over my face and under my nose.  The aroma of her pussy juices soaking her panties almost made me cum in my pants, even though she had paused her stroking of my cock while taking off those panties.


I figured that Sheryl was hiding a pretty kinky side beneath that plain exterior.  With the rum getting to both of us a bit, I started getting a bit kinkier myself.  So I said, “You know, Lisa and Tina both liked for me to finger fuck them, and then lick their pussy juices off my fingers.”  As I said that, I reached down with my left hand and started stroking her pussy lips with my middle finger.  As Sheryl started getting more aroused, she opened her legs wider and I started plunging my finger inside her pussy.  She was flowing a lot of pussy juices, and the heat between her legs made the aroma flow through the car. 


“Keep it up, Joe!  Keep going.  I’m getting so horny!”  I finger fucked her a while longer, getting two fingers deep inside.  As Sheryl was moaning harder while kissing me, I pulled out my fingers and brought them up to her mouth.  She grabbed my wrist with her hand, and I thought she was going to push it away.  But she pulled it closer so she could suck her pussy juices and with her other hand pulled my head over so she could kiss me while we both tasted those pussy juices and smelled her aroma on my fingers.  I was glad that she had forgotten to keep stroking my cock, or I would have cum in my pants right then.


“Finger fuck me some more, Joe.” Sheryl pleaded.  “I want to cum” she moaned.  How could I resist?  I put my fingers back in her pussy, stroking deeper and faster, while sucking on her titties.  A couple of minutes of that, and: “Oh, shit! I’m cumming!  I’m cumming!”   Sheryl clamped her legs tight around my hand, and grabbed my wrist with both of her hands, pulling my hand harder against her pussy. She spasmed and jerked several times, moaning and relaxing her grip on my hand, but keeping it pressed on her pussy.  I slowly stroked the inside of her vagina while she came down from her climax.  Her musky pussy juice aroma was almost intoxicating there in the car.  My cock was throbbing, wanting to get released.


After a couple of minutes, Sheryl slowly opened her eyes, focused and smiled at me.  “That was fantastic, Joe”, she said.  “I haven’t came like that in such a long time.  Now, it’s your turn.”


“So, did Lisa like to stroke your cock?” she asked.  “Or did Tina like to suck on it?”


“Well, both of them liked to do both,” I answered.  Sheryl reached over, unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my pants and unzipped me.  My cock was almost painfully hard, and there was a large wet spot in my underwear from my pre-cum.  She pulled my underwear out of the way, and played with the end of my cock, dabbling the pre-cum around with her fingers. The she leaned over and I thought she was going to start sucking.  But first she took a deep breath and said “Those juices coming out of the end of your cock smell so nice, they’re making me horny again.  I bet they taste good, too.”  She licked some of the clear pre-cum, and said “Yes, it tastes as good as it smells.”


Then Sheryl grabbed those juicy panties, handed them to me and told me to do whatever I wanted with them and she’d make me cum.  I leaned back and sniffed the sexy aroma that she had leaked out onto them earlier, and she began stroking my cock and sucking on the end of it.


“Holy shit, Sheryl.  I’m gonna cum!” I moaned through her panties that I had over my mouth and nose.  The aroma and taste of from her panties was too much for me! I started to shoot my load, and Sheryl moved her hand that had been stroking my cock so that she could take as much of it as she could in her mouth.  I shot several loads, and she kept up with most of it, with only a small amount leaking out of her mouth onto my pubic hair.


After several muscle contractions, I relaxed enough to open my eyes and look down at Sheryl.  She had her head in my lap, looking at my cock and playing with the overflow of cum with her fingers.  Then she sat back up beside me, and I played in her pussy juices with my left hand a bit more.  She kissed me again and I brought my juicy fingers back up to her mouth, and we both enjoyed the taste and smells of mixed pussy juice and my cum while kissing some more.


“Damn, Joe…that was fantastic.” Sheryl said in a low voice.  “I really needed that.”


“Well, I kind of enjoyed it myself.” I replied.  “You know, you’ve kind of gotten me into something.  That’s the first time that I’ve sniffed and licked a girl’s panties.  Sure, I’ve eaten both Lisa’s and Tina’s pussy, and the smell and taste was great.  But there’s something about it being on a pair of panties that’s totally different and it really made me horny.”


Sheryl and I got all of our clothes back on and I got her back home at a reasonable time, but after her parents had gone to bed, so she was able to get to her bathroom and get washed up without anyone noticing the sex aroma.


She and I did have a couple more occasions to make each other cum.  But we never fucked – after all, she wanted to keep her promise to Edwin.







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