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I Miss Her Old Self

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We´re a young couple (29/27) and have known each other for ten years. We´ve been together, on and off, since 2001. We´ve been living together for and year and a half...but before that...


I knew her almost accidentally while chatting at a mIRC room (anyone remember that?). I was excited, since we had a lot in commom, and asked her out. She said she would go out with me, the only problem was she lived in another country, the good news is her mom lived in the same country as I, and she would travel here on her next vacation. She did. I went there to see her and we hit it off. She lost her virginity to me, and it was great. She eventually moved here, and as students we had to take advantage of the times when my parents were not at home to have sex. And boy, we did that a lot.

Up until that time I, as the next guy, enjoyed porn and masturbating while watching porn movies or browsing through smut on the internet. Now, she mentioned a few times, before moving here, that she really liked porn and masturbating, and that she would walk around naked in her father´s house whenever she was alone, masturbating with the handles of spoons, ice cream spoons, hairbrushes, cucumbers, bananas and electric toothbrushes. We liked to talk dirty on the phone and she would masturbate and let me hear her moist vagina being rubbed. One of the most crazy stories she ever told me was about masturbating with a cucumber several times, washing it and returning it to the fridge.

The first time we did this, believe it or not, it was her suggestion. She asked me to rent a few porn movies for us to have some fun. Just her asking made me feel extremely horny, and I thought 'I have to marry this girl: she drinks beer, likes heavy metal and porn!'

I rented three movies, one of them was all lesbian, which was her preferred genre. After lunch my parents went to work and we went to my room and locked the door (this was before DVD and broadband internet, btw). We put the first film on and watched it for a while, clothes on and everything, chatting a bit. She then started to pay attention to the film and rubbing her pussy under her pants...she then took them off, but kept her panties, still rubbing her pussy. I took my pants off, and my cock was so hard it hurt a little. She was getting carried away and so was I.

We both got rid of our underwear and masturbated facing each other, looking at ourselves and at the tv screen (mostly I looked at her, she looked more at the tv). I lost count of how many times we came, doing it ourselves and doing it to each other. Then there was a scene of two girls talking about anal sex, one of the girls was teaching the other how to do it.

We had our porn sessions every now and again...she became increasingly keen on anal play and we bought a few toys at a sex shop. In one of this sessions, we were both naked in the living room of the apartment she just moved into, I remember it perfectly...we had a shower and we were both wearing only robes...she put on the tape, laid on the couch, opened her legs wide and rubbed her pussy slowly, stopping occasionaly, waiting for the hotter scenes. She then rubber her pierced nipples for a while, and then her pussy again. When the girl with the strapon penetrated the other, she reached for the small vibrator we bought and slid it into her pussy, still rubbing her clit, faster this time. This vision is very vivid in my mind.

When the girl in the movie started to fuck the other one from behind, in her ass, my GF raised her left leg and spread wider and slid the vibrator slowly and cautiously into her asshole; first, just the tip. The whole time I was watching and very slowly stroking my cock, stopping occasionaly just to watch her. When she started sliding the dildo deeper in her ass, rubbing her clit fast and stopping only to slide two or three fingers inside her pussy, I almost came instantaneously, and I told her 'wow, this is HOT'. She said 'well, I better get ready for what we´re doing next...'.

Then, the porn sessions were kind of put on hold. We still masturbated together often, and she would show me how she did when she was alone: lying on her back with the vibrator inside her pussy, secured by a pillow that she moved with her feet, while rubbing her clit. She often asked me to masturbate in front of her, just for the sake of seeing me horny and to see me cum. On such occasions she wouldn´t even touch herself she just liked to watch, and asked if I was thinking about her pussy wide open, or my cock up her ass. Yeah, those were the days...

Our porn sessions were very rare by this point and our relationship kind of unstable, but I caught her looking at porn on her laptop several times, and we talked openly about it. She used to send me links and once, when I was at work, she sent me a great free porn link with a nice comment: 'take a look, it´s free and has tons of my favorite stuff: lesbian and anal'. Boy, I had to have a cigarette break after that one...

When we moved in together, we had a couple of porn sessions, but not as hot as before: now she seemed not to 'focus' anymore, and commented on how fake the actress moaning was, or how used up her pussy looked, or how the scenery looked cheap, that kind of thing. I still tried to repeat those glorious first times, but the just didn´t get off with that anymore, to the point where she asked me not to put on any porn when she was at home. We talked about it recently, and she said she changed and that porn doesn´t arouse her anymore, since it´s fake and unromantic, and that I miss a lot of points whenever I buy porn on the PPV.

People do change...



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