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I Love the Mall

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I enjoy looking at the ladies a lot, but I welcome some guy-on-guy action once in a while.

There's a small mall just a few minutes away from my house. I drop by every so often to hang out because it's cold. There's not much traffic, which is why there's only one open rest room in the whole place. There are also no boards between the urinals, so you can imagine the fun that goes on.

A lot of times when I take a piss, I notice guys sort of looking sideways, and a couple of times they were stroking while watching me. I always get hard when that happens. It's such a turn on knowing you turn other people on. Once, during a particularly deserted time, the guy beside me was going at it full throttle and tried to grab my dick. I was way nervous so I brushed his hand away, but let him have a good long look before I left.

Just a while ago, I finally decided to take the plunge. I went in and fixed my hair in the mirror, waiting for someone to come in. One of the mall employees, whom I'd guess to be in his early 20s and who was dressed like mall management, came in and glanced at me. I'd exchanged a few words with him once before, asking him why the other rest rooms were closed. He'd said the mall was trying to cut back on costs. He was also one of those whom I'd caught eyeing my dick before; but he was more discreet than the others so I wasn't sure. I decided to try.

We took side-by-side urinals and just stood there for a few minutes. I watched him out of the corner of my eye, and when I was sure he was looking down I gave my dick a tug to get it hard, then lightly stroked the head. I looked over at him, and when he saw that he did the same. He gave a few strokes, and when it was hard he unbuttoned his pants, let his cock and balls out and went at it pretty fast. His other hand was rubbing his not-quite a six-pack, but not flabby stomach either. Seeing him going at it, I couldn't control myself and began stroking more quickly. We went at it a few more minutes, but paused when some other guys came in. We waited, pretending we were still pissing, until they left, then continued. But another guy came and took a spot at the urinal, and I was afraid of getting caught so I zipped up and began washing my hands. My new pal followed, but he caught my eye and made a show of fixing his undies with his still erect dick pointing upwards. I gave him a wink, grabbed my dick through my pants and pointed my finger up, hoping he'd follow.

I left the rest room and started up the flight of stairs right beside it, and was both glad and scared when he followed. My heart was pounding as I went up two more flights, then headed across the mall to a deserted stairway I'd come across when exploring before. He kept following, and as we made our way across the empty floor leading to it I saw he was already fondling his dick through his pants. We both went in and, still without saying anything, unzipped. My 6 inch long, 5.5 around cock grew hard immediately, and I finally got a good look at his. I'd say it was slightly longer, but thinner too.

We just stood there jacking off, with him keeping a lookout above and me looking out below. Then he came to me and motioned to his cock, then to his lips. I shook my head no; sorry, no oral for me. He nodded, then took my cock in his hands and jacked me off for a bit. I grabbed his too, and it felt pretty good, but didn't really know what to do so we went back to jerking on our own. We both just stood there in bliss.

However, we heard footsteps approaching from above so we quickly hid our dicks and went down. I almost ran but he put a hand on my arm, telling me to slow down. Good thing too. Anyway, the footsteps never came closer, so we continued as we were. I let him touch my cock again, and dropped my pants enough so he could see my balls. He seemed to like it cause he began jacking himself off faster. After about 5 more minutes of that, he said the first words the two of us had spoken the whole time: 'Oh shit, I'm coming.' This was the first time I'd seen a guy cumming in real life, and I watched as his cum dripped to the floor. This made me jack off faster, one hand on my dick and the other on my balls, and he just stood there holding his dick while I finished myself off, our cum mixing on the floor. We both silently zipped up, not bothering to wipe the cum, and I gave him a thumbs-up while he nodded and smiled. Then we went our separate ways.

I'm sure I'll be seeing him again, though.



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