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I Love Sniffing Dirty Panties

I suppose the experience I’m about to share could be done in as many words as “I took a visitors dirty panties and jerked off. The end.” But if you’re here for the same reason I am then you want something erotic. So I have done my best for you here.


I have been a sniffing dirty panties since I was a teenager and for me the scent of a women is simply amazing.  It is something that, when it’s right, takes me to a place of indulgence, intoxication, I find I’m wanting more pf somthing but never knowing what exactly it is I want more of; it is almost indescribable; beyond words; the effect the smell of a girls dirty panties and wet pussy has on me. And while the urge doesn't take me at every opportunity this night it did.

My wife has a friend that lives out of town that will stay with us every few weeks when she has some business in the city.  It's easier for her to come to town the day before, stay with us overnight and then do what she needs to do without hours of travel prior the following day.  Jill is about 45, petite and very pretty.  She is about 5’5”, has shoulder length blonde hair, nice breasts and wears a size 12 bikini brief. When Jill stays she arrives late afternoon or early evening so she my wife can spend some time with catching up on each other’s lives before heading out to have dinner somewhere close by. Jill usually comes to us straight from work so time permitting she has a shower and a change of clothes to freshen up before they leave.

The last time Jill stayed with us the idea that I could sniff her dirty panties popped into my head while she was putting the last of her makeup on.  After they left I could get dirty pervert; find her dirty panties in her bag and check them out.  I was aroused immediately by this.  The mere thought, anticipation, of smelling that sweet scent was enough to get me hard.  I needed to discretely adjust my erection into a more comfortable position as they departed. Not more than a minute had passed and I was at her bag.

I only had to move what must have been her skirt and there they were, a pair of hot pink cotton bikini briefs scrunched up sitting at the edge of her bag.  My dirty imagination gave me the fantasy that Jill had made little effort to conceal them; that in fact she deliberately left them out because she wants me to find them; I fantasise that she fantasises about me  masturbating as I sniff her dirty panties and that she wants to come back to find I have cum in them. I want her to want to come home and easily see that her panties have been moved. I want her to know that I had been playing with them.  I picked them up and held them stretched out between my fingers admiring how pretty and girly they were and just how incredibly turned on I was. It’s amazing how much a plain pair of cotton briefs can draw me in. Without any further ado I turned them inside out and pressed them to my nose.

I was immediately overcome by the intoxicating smell of woman.  Oh man.  Her panties reminded me of those teenaged girls I'd masturbated in my youth. I began my journey into Jill’s panties starting at the space just in front of the gusset; the area where the sweet smell of her vagina was most apparent. Although my mind was racing; for a moment I was able to completely comprehend that the fabric now pressed against my nose had earlier been between Jills legs, pressed against all her femininity; rubbing against her pubic hair, her vulva and maybe her clit too. I took in more deep breaths filling my senses with the flowery sweet smell of her vaginal juices and thinking dirty thoughts as I did.

As I stood up and made my way to the bed I repositioned the gusset in my nose to where I could now take in the next range of smells. As I dropped my shorts and jocks around my ankles I was aware that I was now smelling the more mellow and damp sweetness of her pussy. This mixed with the occasional waft of her stale piss took my arousal to the next level. My erection was leaking enough precum by now to provide the perfect lube.

I laid back on the bed and began to stroke my hard cock and realised I was already very close to cumming. Almost as soon as I’d finished thinking this I felt that wonderful and very familiar sensation begin to build in my penis and rapidly move throughout my body. My mind however remained focused on the amazing smells coming from her panties. I moved the gusset to the next zone of smells; the area that is close to and rubs against her anus. The smell here is different again, I find this deep musky smell to be the most delicious and overpowering of all. It’s not of shit as you might think. It is still sweet and intoxicating. By now I’ve reached and passed the point of no return.

As I orgasm onto my stomach I’m aware of nothing but the scent of Jill; it envelops my consciousness with a kind of warm buzz. I struggle now as I always do in those moments, when I'm sniffing panties, to find the words that adequately describe how incredible I feel at that moment in my body and my mind.  Certainly some kind of bliss that’s for sure. 

I laid there not moving for perhaps two or three minutes enjoying the sensations and perfume of panties before getting dressed.  I put Jills panties back in her bag in such a way that she couldn't help but notice they had been moved.

The girls got home after I had gone to bed.  When I saw Jill at breakfast she played it very cool or simply hadn't noticed the rearrangement of her bag.  Which I fine with me.  I thought to myself "you smell wonderful".  I can't wait for her next visit.



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