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I Like The Way it Hurts

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Discovering the pleasure in pain. Let me know what you guys think of my first submission!


Many of you may not know this, but I frequently engage in erotic role play on some websites. This "ERP" has been a great way for me to explore different things that I would never do in real life, or simply cannot happen. One of my more "tame" scenes that I had involved mild ball abuse. I wasn't sure about it, but she insisted on it. Naturally, I masturbate during and after I RP, and once the scene was over, I got a little curious.

My hard cock throbbed in my left hand as I said my goodbyes to my ERP partner. One-handed typing was a skill that I quickly learned when I started ERP. I could have came an hour ago, but I wanted to edge until I was done with the scene. I could barely get a few strokes in before being brought to the edge. Thinking back to the scene, I decided to give my balls a little smack. For a spit second, I felt nothing other than my hand making contact with my low-hanging balls. Then it hit me. My abs tightened and my balls drew up closer to my body in reaction to the sudden jolt. It hurt like hell, but only for a second. After the pain subsided, I felt my cock, which was even more sensitive. I've heard about the body releasing certain chemicals in response to pain, and now I can feel the effects. It wasn't much, but it felt good. I gave them another smack, and then another, loving the new feeling. I decided it was time to finally cum, but I needed to incorporate my new-found technique.

I knew a bit about how suspense and growing intensity could heighten an orgasm, so this is what I went with: I would smack my balls once, take a pause, smack twice more, take a another pause, and progressively add more hits until I reached ten, at which point I would quickly stroke until I cum. By the time I got to five, I learned two things. One: you get the most out of your hits by making the "spock-sign-thing" with your hand, ensuring that the force is applied directly to the boys downstairs. Two: when chaining that many hits together, it becomes a more sore, pulsing pain, and not a sharp and sudden one.

Finally, I made it to ten. My cock was swollen and thick with arousal; precum had started to form and dribble down my veiny shaft. My whole body seized as I started the last set. One, two, three, four, five- my balls ached and I groaned in pain- six, seven, eight- almost there, my body knew it was coming- nine, and ten. I quickly stood up and turned around, facing my faux-leather chair, which I often came on because I liked the sound the material made when it got splashed. I grabbed hold of my swollen cock, my balls still ached.

I stroked fast, pulling the loose skin back and forth over my hard member. I felt my orgasm beginning to rise, and, without thinking about it, I slap my balls over and over as I cum. It was shockingly intense- pain and pleasure wracked my body, the pain only enhancing the orgasmic waves of pleasure. My whole body wretched as I shot a stream of cum onto the back of my chair, splattering it with a shotgun-blast of cum. I tried my best to keep quiet, but I couldn't help but to let out a long groan throughout my orgasm. The rest of my load spurted out in four or five more little shots, my body shook and my hips trusted with each pulse. Once the cum stopped flying, I gave my balls a break, just letting the aftershocks shake me. Once I was finished, I opened my eyes, taking pride in the mess I had made.



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