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I Like Being in Charge

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This is mostly FM but it involves another girl as well.


From 17-22 I was a swim dock counselor for an all boys camp. The campers were 7-16. Until I arrived the only females were senior staff wives and cook staff at the camp. The year I started a female crafts director was hired as well. The cook staff bunked in the dining hall. The two of us knew girl staff had a tent out by the bonfire circle at the top of a hill. The only way to our tent site, was by the camp directors cabin which had motion lights. The first week a couple of boys were busted trying to spy on us, and were sent home. So it was pretty secure.

After dinner there was free time where campers could do pretty much do anything but swim. Terri, the other girl, had to work crafts. I was left alone I would generally rub one out before Terri got back and to allow myself to sleep easier. I was expected at the swim dock at dawn every day to run the polar bear swim. Kids got awards for braving the 60 degree morning temperatures to swim before breakfast. I was usually asleep each night before Terri got in.

In the first week I lamented that we were the only staff that did not have access to a hot shower. Senior staff had hot and cold running water in their cabins, male staff had a shower room in the PX and the cook staff had a shower in the bunk house. The camp maintenance man said he could rig something up but I would have to carry water from the lake. Bathing in cold water at the lake in a swim suit with 100 eyes on me, was getting old.

It was not much, just a small barrel suspended from a tree with a propane burner under it and enclosed by a shower curtain. It was great to be able to wash my privates, I would often jill off in the shower mid day listening to the birds and feeling the gentle breezes. I hauled water for a couple days. But I could only carry two eight litre containers per trip. The barrel would hold almost 100 litres and on some cold days I could easily use all that getting warmed up from being at the swim dock in the cold all day.

I twisted my ankle one day and could not haul water I commented to one of the other staff and he said he would get a couple other staff to carry water until I was better. Three guys carried water. The guy who arranged it on the second day asked if I could give him a massage in exchange. He was cute and I really appreciated the water service so I said sure. I started on his back I had baby oil and he really making it obvious when I hit the right spots. He was very lean and muscular. He had to adjust a couple of times during the massage. I suspected it was because he was getting a hard on. I started trying to be sensual in my technique.

Finally my curiosity was getting the better of me and I asked him to roll over. He said that he wanted to rest a little first. I told him if he did not roll over right then the massage was over. He said ok but do not say I did not warn you. He rolled over and revealed a steel pole tent in his trunks. I smiled and giggled and suggested he must be enjoying the massage. I started working on his chest and shoulders. His hard on showed no sign of easing. I suggested he would need to take care of that before he went back to the main camp. He pleaded with me to jack him off. I kept telling him no. He promised me to see water was delivered all summer. I finally relented but said five minutes max.

It turned out that the time limit was irrelevant, he came in like 30 seconds flat, and based on the volume it had been a while. He then asked if I would take care of a few of his friends who would also carry water. I was reluctant and said they had to be sworn to secrecy and no more than five minutes. If it went longer they had to haul more water or finish on their own somewhere else.

So as far as the camp director and the senior staff knew the guys were coming to my tent after dinner to carry water. It started out with two or three guys a night I would give the occasional massage to my slaves. Inside of a week I would pick 6 guys, guys were sworn to secrecy. If they blabbed the nature of the massage or the frequency it was over for everyone. Each night I would jack off one to six guys. I honed my technique and by the end of the first summer I could get any guy off in less than five minutes. It was a real power trip. I could get these guys to do anything for me.

I really got hot jacking all the guys, so after I jilled myself to sleep nearly every night. The second year I was at the camp after I had gotten my first taste of man juice. I decided to taste some of the fruits of my labor. I inevitably got some on my hands each time, and while they were ducking out to get the next candidate I would lick my hands clean. I never let them see me do it. I began to get a very refined palette.

All guys do not taste alike and the consistency varies a lot between guys and from time to time. It is true you are what you eat. I can definately tell if a guy has been eating a lot of garlic or onions. Peppermint has a unique flavor also. One I really like. The really thick loads used to gross me out. They seemed to get stuck going down. But one day I got one of those peppermint infused loads and left it in my mouth swishing it through my teeth. I had that thick peppermint load in my mouth for nearly five minutes, while I did the next guy. I now have a preference for thick loads.

Some guys must have saved it up or something because they came in buckets. Others were one squirt and a dribble. They all were appreciative and I frequently got some of their cookies from home, or from their girlfriends, which still makes me chuckle, if they only knew.

We always had fire wood for our camp fire. Even some very nice hand made gifts. I still have a dream catcher and a walking stick that are probably worth hundreds, but I would never sell them. I had batteries for my appliances (flash light, I-pod, my vibe) Several offered to take care of me with hands mouth or full on sex, all begged to at least cop a feel. I never gave in though, because I knew how competitive boys can be. There was a very limited supply of what I had to offer, and I liked to be the one calling the shots. No guy then or since can get me off the way I can with my vibe.

Terri arrived back at the tent early one evening and I was in the middle of providing my service. The guys tried to slow her down but she was in the tent before poor little Willy could get it put away. So what do we have here says Terri. I said you can't think we get all of this water and fire wood for nothing do you. Terri said I want to watch. There was only Stew left I said no. She said she would tell if we did not let her watch. I think she was bluffing she was as much a beneficiary of the boys as I, but I relented.

Stew was next, he was one of my favorites because he shaved every hair on his body. It made his average cock look much bigger. He was also a prodigious cum fountain. I told Terri if she wanted to watch she needed to participate. I worked Stew to the brink and had Terri take over. Her nipples were erect and her respiration was elevated. When Stew came I saw Terri shudder in what must have been an orgasm without even touching herself. She was clearly distracted by her own orgasm as Stew coated her in cum. When she realized what he had done to her. She said holy sh*t. I sent Stew out. I started licking it off her legs and arms.

I am not really into girls but that was the hottest thing I had ever witnessed. Terri responded by pealing off my top and playing with my tits. She pulled and suckled my nipples until mine were as erect as hers. I tugged on her clothes and we were on my bunk in nothing flat. I grabbed my vibe from under my pillow and started working on Terri's clit. She felt it before she saw it, and nearly screamed when I turned it on. Terri has a very sensitive clit. I started working it around her clit lightly bumping it from time to time. She grabbed it from me and plunged it deep inside her as she went rigid as a board. It took her several minutes to normalize. Then she asked where did you get the vibe, that thing is awesome. I had had a vibe since I was 13, given to me by my sister. I filled Terri in on my dominant jack off fetish and how I keep the guys from blabbing. And she says that is so hot.

Each year there were 10-15 guys who were members of my/our slave troop. All would get serviced at least once a week. Some nights in later years with Terri's help we would have all the guys in the group serviced in one night. We had access to up to 12 of the hunkiest 17-25 YO guys the camp had to offer on any given night. 3-5 would have a day off on any given day.

One year, one of the guys tried to get one of his buddies in the club but he did not meet my standards. He was a cute but a real A hole. He threatened to blow the whistle, so we led him to believe we would go along, only to get them fired for sexual harassment the next day. He tried to blow the whistle on his way out, but the senior staff laughed him out the door. Why would a girl who was charging him with sexual harassment have been providing him with hand jobs?

I was always miss prim with the senior staff and campers, to the extent you can be in a skimpy bathing suit all day. The senior staff looked to me to sell the camp to prospective parents. Something about me was very persuasive they said, again if they only knew.



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