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I Jerked Off For My Mother

Posted by: Age: 18 Posted on: 8 comments
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My mother broke down in tears, so I asked what's up.


She told me she had been reading on the Internet about circumcision, and how bad it is - in the opinion of the various bloggers. She was crying because she had me circumcised as a baby, and wished she hadn't.

I told her that I never think about it, and that it doesn't seem to change my sex life at all. Of course, I don't really have much of a sex life. My choice. Right now, in my first year of college, I want to do well. No distractions. So I jerk off a lot. That keeps me from going crazy over girls - or boys, for that matter.

Somehow, the discussion turned to masturbation. My mom and I have always been open about such things. And one thing led to another, and she wanted to know if I really enjoy jerking off. I mean, if it could be as good being circumcised as if I hadn't been. My dad is not circumcised, and she has seen him jerk off. So, in a bold move, I decided to answer her question. Since I had not seen my dad jerk off, and she has, I offered to let her watch me, and then compare what she saw.

So, right there at the dining room table, with a surprising degree of nervousness, I pulled down my pants, and let my mom see my equipment for the first time since I was perhaps five years old. She remarked that she somehow didn't expect to see hair there. I guess mothers always see their children as babies.

Anyway, I started tentatively touching myself, but I didn't get hard. Couldn't get hard. One has 'thoughts' about masturbating in front of one's own mother that kind of inhibit hardness. She recommended that I keep at it, while she popped into the kitchen to start a pot of tea. While she was pottering around in there, I was able to bring myself to an erection.

I almost lost that erection when she returned, and sat down in the chair next to me. She was looking, actually staring at my dick. Now, things were different. This totally turned me on. I think I have an exhibitionist streak. I'll have to explore that some day - when I'm out of college.

Within minutes, I came all over my stomach, and my mom cheered. It was strong, much better than the typical orgasm. That's all. It was great, but we have not done anything like that again. My mom tells me I enjoy orgasms as much as uncircumcised people.



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