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I Had an Affair

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A brief affair with a co-worker

Several years ago, before my wife's sexual awakening, I had an affair with another woman. I am not proud of this and will never allow myself to jeopardize my marriage like that again. The affair was short, approx. three months and involved a co-worker at that time. It began as a friendly relationship that quickly evolved into some of the most incredible sexual experiences of my life. Linda worked in a different department of the same company. We began chatting over friendly emails and I eventually began finding reasons to go and see her. Our conversation became personal and she lamented about her impending divorce and I felt comfortable complaining about my lacklustre marriage. I quickly learned Linda was very sexual and had never been satisfied by her husband. As we began to talk more about sex, I told her of my habitual masturbation practices and she told me she needed to masturbate daily to fulfill her desires. I eventually felt comfortable enough to ask if she would like to masturbate together. Linda eagerly agreed and we set a time to meet in the parking lot to discuss our plans. That evening Linda and I walked out of the building together and went directly to my car. It was late and no other people saw us get into the same car. I drove to a secluded area of the parking garage as we spoke about some of our sexual fantasies. I was amazed a woman of Linda's beauty would be so open and kinky. Linda told me how much she loves watching men jack off and her husband would never let her watch him. She knew he masturbated and thought it was selfish he wouldn't share with her. I explained to Linda I loved being watched while at the same time pulling my pants below my knees to expose my now hard cock. Linda did not miss a beat and asked me to show her how I like to make myself cum. I was already stroking my cock as I explained to her about my fantasy of jacking off for other people. She was listening intently never taking her eyes off my cock. Linda told me she too fantasized about masturbating in front of someone while she hiked up her knee length skirt, pulled her panties below her knees and down to her ankles. Linda had a beautifully trimmed pussy that was obviously very wet by the time her fingers started rubbing it. We sat and stared at each other masturbating, each asking the other to perform certain requests that fit into our fantasies. Linda asked me to try my own pre-cum and tell her what it tastes like. I asked her to do the same with her pussy juice. It didn't take long before Linda was frantically rubbing her clit telling me she was cumming. Those words sent me over the top and I blew a huge load that landed on my lap and shirt. We both laughed because I had obviously not thought this through and now had a rather large load of cum covering my legs and shirt. Fortunately, I had some left over napkins in the glove box that sopped up most of the cum. Any residual was left to chance and I would hopefully be able to clean up thoroughly when I got home. Once composed we discussed if there was any regrets or feeling of guilt. We agreed it felt too fucking good to feel guilty and maybe we would try it again. This was only the beginning of a sexual affair that took me to sexual heights I can only fantasise about today.



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