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I Go To This Woman...

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Another story from a client.


I'm retired and my wife died way too young [77 years old], so I have a lot of time on my hands. One day I set up an appointment for a massage. I didn't really need anything. Oh, I could claim my legs were a bit tired from gardening, but the real reason was that I was lonely, and just longed for that human touch. I hadn't been touched by anyone, except for shaking hands, in over a year.

I arrived and was greeted by a very nice young thing. She was a Asian girl, maybe just a bit plump, with just a couple traces of gray hair, but all-in-all very attractive. She was around 45 years old. I was somehow a bit nervous, like a schoolboy on a first date. You'd think I'd know better by now.

She asked whether I wanted to be 'draped' or not. It took me a few seconds to figure out what she meant. I opted for draped. She had me disrobe while she left the room. When she returned, I was face down on her massage table with a towel ('drape') over my butt. I assumed that's what she wanted.

Her first touch was electrifying. She placed both of her warm hands on the backs of my upper arms. It must have been exactly what I wanted because it just felt so nice. And so right. The rest of the massage was wonderful too. Nothing inappropriate happened. When it was over, she invited me to use her shower to remove the oil, and once again, she left the room. I showered, dressed, and gave her a nice tip. I'm fortunate to be well-off in my old age, and so I like to tip people well for services well-rendered. I also set up an appointment for the next Thursday, 4pm.

The next Thursday came and went. I had another nice massage. Again she asked "draped or undraped." Again, I opted for draped, but when she asked, I almost got a shiver thinking about the other option. Evidently, she would be willing to massage me in my birthday suit. I thought about that all week long. Ok, I'll admit, I masturbated to the thought more than once during that week. Many people assume that as a man ages, his interest in masturbation naturally wanes. Not true! At least, not in my case.

The Thursday massages became a regular thing. Oh, I didn't need massages, but I rather enjoyed Melody (that is her name), and her attention. Plus, I could easily afford it. During the massages, we talked a bit about mundane things, but the treatments were mostly silent other than the slightly weird Indian music she has quietly playing in the background. But she always asked about the draped or undraped option. Although the notion excited me, I always chose draped.

Except one time, feeling particularly horny, I guess, I bravely said "undraped." I expected a reaction from Melody. I don't know what. Maybe she'd get mad at me. Maybe she'd slap me. At least she'd give me a disgusted look or something, right? In fact, she didn't even raise an eyebrow. However, the procedure changed somewhat. She stayed in the room while I disrobed and climbed on the table.

The massage went nicely, as expected. I felt a bit of excitement in my penis when she rubbed my butt because her hands worked a little bit closer to my anus than ever before, and I have to say, it felt great! A couple of times, her fingertips lightly brushed the back of my scrotum. That brought me to an uncomfortable erection, since my penis was squished under my body. I shifted my weight a bit, and I'm rather certain Melody knew why.

When she had me roll over, there was no doubt. By then, I had a full erection. "You dirty old man," she said with a twinkle in her eye. The massage proceeded as normal. She massaged my shoulders, neck, arms, hands, feet and legs. I figured the massage was coming to a close, and although still with a rock-hard erection just sticking straight up. I was quite satisfied. I figured I could take care of business later.

That's when Melody surprised the heck out of me. She casually moved her hands from my upper legs to my genital area. She started ever-so-gently massaging my testicles within my scrotum as if it was business as usual. I was in heaven! I wanted that treatment to go on forever. As she massaged my balls, my penis was waving slightly in the air, and it was as hard as it had ever been. Maybe harder than when I was in my twenties. You see, no one, ever, even my wife of 45 years, has ever massaged my balls like that.

I asked Melody if we could go overtime so she could keep doing that, and yes, she could. I was suddenly glad I had been having my appointments at 4, because there was no one scheduled after me. Melody is a classy lass, and she didn't mention money. She just kept right on massaging my balls. This went on for a really long time. It might have been twenty minutes, of which I enjoyed every single second.

After a while, I felt something interesting. She wrapped a whole hand around my boner. Wow, talk about electrifying!

And, she just held it that way, for a whole minute. It would have been longer, but I started ejaculating spontaneously, like a teenager.

She continued to hold my penis in her hand for a good few minutes, perfectly still, until I calmed down. Then she helped me clean up a bit, and sent me to her shower. I tipped her well, as I always do, but this time I gave her three times the price of a regular price of the massage, whereas I had been giving her twice the regular amount.

The next week, the same thing happened, plus, she explained that as men age, their prostate glands need attention. In order to give me that attention, as part of the regular massage, she put on a rubber glove and very slowly inserted a finger into my anus. She moved her finger around, pressing lightly against the back of my prostate. It felt a bit like the urge to urinate, but better. Oh, so much better!

The massages continue to this day. I have been with Melody for three years now, missing Thursdays only a couple of times. For a long time I wondered about her. Is she married? Does she have kids? In time, all that information naturally flowed. We became more talkative during the massages.

It turns out she is married and has two grown children, the last just finishing college. She has been with her husband since they met in high school. He knows what she does for a living, of course. He knows the details too. After all, she's been a massage practitioner (she hates the term 'masseuse') since she was 22 years old. He knows perfectly well about the prostate massages and hand jobs and is fine with it, because he knows she is 100% faithful to him in every way, as he is to her. They are truly in love, and that is such a nice thing in this day and age where people are getting divorced every five minutes.

Interestingly, Melody says her husband seldom partakes of her skills. She says he prefers plain old intercourse. She would prefer a little more foreplay from him, but tells me she is really quite satisfied - not only with her husband's performance in bed, but with her line of work. She says she seldom gets sexually excited by giving men handjobs, but really enjoys their reaction to her ministrations. She also said she just likes the feel of men's genitals. She likes holding them in her hands and manipulating them. She feels a sense of accomplishment, or satisfaction when men ejaculate. She also told me she most appreciates the differences in men. She likes that some men are circumcised and others aren't. She likes that some men have large equipment and others small, and the various colors. She told me on one occasion that I'm one of her favorites because I inspire her. Even though my penis is average size, she likes very much seeing it erect, because it makes her feel that when she reaches my age, she'll still be as vibrant.

Hearing that, in turn, made me feel proud. Oh, certainly part of my good health is luck, but a lot of it has to do with what my dear wife taught me: To do everything in moderation, to eat well, and take care of myself. My wife was years and years ahead of her time when she figured out to mostly eliminate sugar and starch from one's diet. That day, 40 years ago, changed my life. I have consistent energy every day, don't need to drink coffee to wake up, and have seldom had any medical concerns.

I'll continue to see Melody until the day I die. And when I finally go, I hope I just sort of fall asleep on her massage table.



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