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I Get It Now.

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I've gone from virgin to whore on these pages. From when I popped my own cherry, to being vaginally and anally fucked for the first time, to group sex, lesbian sex, even incest, it's happened here. Now, though, I'm calming down...at least for a while. I couldn't go on like I was anyway! If I kept it up, fucking like I was, I'd lose the magic of it all.  So it's a solo diet for me for a while, and a more subtle one too.  Oh, I still plan to have sexual adventures, and some will involve other people. But they will be more, oh fuck it, I don't know the word, planned? Measure? Managed? 


The sun is out and my jeans are packed away until,winter. It's skirts and dresses for me now! I've also come to a decision about thongs. I don't really like them, unless they are purely for being fucked in. Since I don't plan on getting fucked any time soon, they are now confined to the back of the drawer. Plain, simple, but above all wettable bikini style cotton panties do it for me!

I've also taken out my clit piercing. It was too much! I was wet all the time and close to,orgasm. It was starting to make it NOT special! 

So, Brighton,on a warm spring day finds me in a floral patterned summer dress, little white panties underneath, no bra, but a spare pair of knicks in my bag just in case. 

I had no plan....no grand design....just knew that at some point I would get myself off. So, I wandered around in the town centre. (Brighton calls itself a city, but it has no cathedral....just a town council,with delusions of grandeur). The town felt, oh, rough. There were a lot of drunks about, and the usual druggies....not somewhere that I wanted to be, so I wandered off to the pier.

It's always nice there, especially on the deckchairs. I picked one and sat with my feet up on the sidings, flashing my knickers at anyone who might look up. A few people did, and it was enough to get me nicely damp. My deck  chair was at a slight angle, and a guy was sitting a few yards away seemingly engrossed in his paper, but I knew he was checking out the view as well. I moved my chair a little, not so he could,see more, but to tell him that it was ok. He got it instantly and turn d his chair with its back to the sea. Fro, there he could see right up my dress. A little more wriggling, and I had my arse balanced right on the front bar of the chair, my dress up high at the back, and enoughof it at the front so,I could pull it down if I needed to.

I let my fingers trace over my crotch. I love that first touch. So does my quim, she began oozing wetness as expect d, and my little bud firmed up seeking more attention. Soon I was in a nice little rhythm of touching, stopping, pressing my panties into my hole, touching again. He had moved his chair closer to mine and was talking to me."Go on. Don't stop. I'd love to see you cum in your knickers!" Ohhh fuck! His voice! It was like velvet! A deep sexy bass. I've realised talking during anything sexual is a real turn on for me so..."I love cumming in my panties...making them wet...making them smell of my quim" he said "Yes. Wet them up. When you cum, can you squirt? I'd love to see it pour from you" I replied "sometimes I pee in them." He said "that would be nice, but I think you're too close to cumming now. Just let it go into your panties. Let me watch a girl young enough to be my granddaughter cum."

And with that, a different type of orgasm rolled over me. This one was like a gentle massage rather than a wave. There were no violent convulsions, it just rocked my world until it slowly subsided into oblivion. I looked down, and there was a sheen to my panties, and a couple of drips on the pier decking. Maybe I squirted after all. 

"oh that was lovely. Thank you for letting me see that" he said in that voice that almost made me want to ride him right there. 

I reached up and slipped my panties off and offered them to him. He took them, held them balled up in his hand and squeezed them hard. A small drop escaped from the bottom of his first, and he smelled his hand before giving the, back to me.

"Thank you. I'd love to keep these, but my wife might wonder why I have them. So, just let me get your scent on my hand, and, with your permission, I'll go and make myself cum while smelling you. Is that alright?"

Well FUCK yeah! He wandered off in the direction of the lavatories, and I sat, panties in hand on my deck chair, imagining what he was done ng.

I spent the rest of the morning pantiless. The ones in my bag were way too wet to put back on, and anyway, I love leaving that trail of fresh, wet quim wherever I go.

It was a nice, sweet little wank all in all.



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