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I Did It for My Friend

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I have been friends with Lauree since high school. I have gotten to know her and her family quite well over the years. You could say I am almost like a sister to Lauree. I have gotten to know her younger brother Josh who is now 21 as well, though not to the extent as her and her parents. Everything started a couple months ago when I was hanging out with Lauree and we had lunch together. We were talking when I asked about Josh, who was recovering and still is from a bike accident. He injured both legs, an arm and a few other broken bones, and has since been in a wheelchair. She told me he was doing ok but had been down in the dumps a lot. I said it must be hard and that is when she said she wanted to ask me something serious. I wasn't sure what to expect. She went on to explain how Josh was having girl troubles, and asked what I would think about maybe going out with him. I laughed at first and couldn't think of what to say. She said she knew it was a little weird but Josh was just having trouble getting dates due to his condition. I asked why me and said how he was almost like a brother or something to me. She leaned in close and said she thinks that Josh was into me. I laughed and said what!? and she said Josh has made hints in the past about me. She asked if nothing else if I could at least hang with him on Mondays since it was my day off and the only night both her and her parents had to work late and he needed someone to help him around the house. I said ok fine, and we went home to talk to Josh about it.

When we got back to her house he was laying on the couch and Lauree asked how he felt if I hung with him on Monday. He seemed a little suspicious but said he'd be cool with that. I could tell by his face he was excited and smiled at him a little, just to tease. When Monday came I got there early just as they left, and went in to find him on the couch as usual. I sat by him and we just talked awhile. The topic eventually came up of him being depressed and I said it must be hard. I told him about what Lauree told me and about the idea of us dating and said it would just be weird the idea of dating my best friends brother. He went on to say about how he was a little lonely, but it was more of a different type of issue. I couldn't believe what he went on to tell me, but he said sexually deprived. I laughed and he did too. It was an awkward topic, and we both had to joke it off a little, and he went on to say he couldn't even jerk off because of his legs.

I laughed but got to thinking about it and knew he really must of been aching. He really couldn't have any privacy since he needed help to move, and I know guys have to jerk off all the time. I laughed and said if he needed it I could bring him some tissues. He looked really embarrassed yet relieved, and said he was so glad I came because he couldn't talk about this with his parents or sister. I smiled and got a box of tissues and sat them down on the table next to him. I said ok do what you gotta do and went to leave when he stopped me. He said he needed a little more help and said sorry. I laughed and asked what and he said he couldn't get his pants down by himself. I kinda froze not sure what to do, and just went and sat by him. I pulled the blanket back off of him, he was still in his jammies. I decided what the hell and asked how I could help.

He propped up and I slid his pants down to his knees. His stuff was now happy and free, and well ready by the looks of it. I sat back down, and asked if he was ok now. I tried not to look but it was hard not too. He said he thinks he's got it, but I could tell it was a little hard for him to move still. I felt bad and honestly a little turned on. It had been awhile myself since I had any fun with a guy, and I knew I could make his day a lot better. I decided it couldn't hurt, and asked ok do you need help with that laughingly. I could see the excitement I brought him and he needed not answer. You just sit back and relax I told him, and I set his arm back in place and brought my hand down to him, wrapping him up and moving steady. He seemed a little nervous but couldn't argue, hey he did deserve some special treatment. I just smiled and worked him, honestly feeling myself getting rather moist. I was also feeling a tad awkward and just kept working him, up and down squeezing a little, moving a little faster now, honestly only took a couple minutes before he said he was about to cum. I slowed a little and his juice came shooting up, he did a good job covering my hand and getting it all over him too. It was quiet as I whipped it up, and he said he couldn't thank me enough.

Neither of us wanted things to change, but I'm sure they can't help but will now. I masturbated myself to the scenario that night, and have since done it again as well as helped him once again. I haven't told Lauree anything as I don't know how she would take it. Josh can use his arm better now but still can't walk and I am thinking about cutting it out, hopefully he will understand there was no real feelings between us, just wanted to help him get a little something we all need.



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