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I Couldn't Wait to Touch Myself

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This happened just a few days ago...I woke up and was so horny, but I was late for work, so I had no time to do anything about it. I rushed to get ready for work, and went out the door. I was running around all day, taking care of business, but the entire day, I still felt a throbbing in between my legs, and I could feel that my clit was swollen, and I was soooo horny. Finally, around 6 pm, it was time for me to head home, and I had to take a bus to get home. I got on the bus, settled in at a window seat, and the bus was full. When the bus started moving, the vibrations of the bus awakened the throbbing in my crotch even more. I just couldn't wait to get home and masturbate. As the bus moved, I started moving my hips, very slightly, not enough for anyone to notice, not even the person sitting next to me. It felt so good. Ny eyes were closed, and suddenly I realized that I should be getting off the bus soon. I opened my eyes and noticed there was a man sitting next to me, very attractive. He was busy reading his newspaper. I was glad he hadn't noticed my sexual arousal and I got off the bus. Then I had to walk 2 blocks to my place, and I couldn't get the picture of my bus partner out of my mind. I had this fantasy about him reaching between my legs and rubbing me into ecstasy. I was crazy by this point, I could feel the intense throbbing between my legs, I was wet. I shave my pubic hair, so I have a bald pussy, and this makes me even more aware of my wetness and arousal. I could feel my clit poking out in excitement. As soon as I got home, I dropped my bags, stripped my clothes off, and my nipples were also poking straight out, just like my clit. I laid down on my bed, and started rubbing my clit and my slit, I was sooooo wet and slippery, and so horny. It took less than a minute, I was moaning and arching my back with pleasure. I get hot right now just thinking about it. Would have been nice to have a partner do that for me, but I loved it just the same.Well, that's my story, hope you liked it.



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