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I Am Not a Lesbian....but

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I am really good friends with a girl at college, (let's call her Karen, as I know she reads ST). Karen is a good laugh but highly promiscuous, she will shag anyone she likes!


From time to time, Karen tells me of her exploits (or sexploits!) and of the new things she has done. Oh, she has done all the 'usual' stuff! She talked about a threesome and I said that I could not imagine being part of a ggf threesome, as I would not like to be touched in that way by another girl.

Karen seemed to understand, but then asked me if I had ever watched another couple have sex. I haven't and it is something of a fantasy for me. I like the idea of a couple getting it on and me, fully dressed, observing. Karen said that her current boyfriend fancied the idea too.

So one hot afternoon, we met up in Karen's room and had a drink or two to relax, then Karen started making out with her boyfriend. I sat in my chair, legs crossed looking on. As the action intensified, I saw him undress her and start to caress her breasts and then he slipped a hand into her knickers and she moaned as he fingered her. She in turn was undressing him and wanking him.

Eventualy, they came to just before the main act that cannot be described here, but you all know what happened.

Me? I sat there, still fully dressed, still legs crossed until just before IT happened, Chris said 'You know, it feels like I am being inspected! Alison, I don't mind being watched, but would you mind watching us in just your bra and knickers so I don't feel too self-conscious?' I didn't see why not and slipped my jeans and t shirt off. I knew I was wet, well, who wouldn't be watching a real life porn film happening in front of them? Karen and Chris carried on with their foreplay and then Chris said 'OK, Group hug, then we will get down to it.' I didn't even think, I stood up and we were all hugging while Chris and Karen kissed passionately.

I felt Karen's arm around my shoulder, Chris's arm around my waist, and then he kissed my cheek. I turned my face to him and he kissed me full on as his hand travelled down over my ass and then into my knickers! He went straight for my pussy from behind, and owing to how wet I was, his finger slipped right in! Then I felt Karen kiss my cheek and to my amazement, I turned to her and kissed her full on! She undid my bra and held my breasts.

Meanwhile, Chris had kissed his way down my body and taken my knickers down at the same time. He turned his attention to my clit and started to rub me expertly. I was still kissing Karen as Chris took my hand and put it between Karen's legs. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to rub her clit, then finger her. Chris seemed to melt away into the background and Karen took over with her hand between my legs.

We were standing there, kissing, fingering each other, and then, explosively, I was cumming hard. Karen, in turn came on two of my fingers buried deep up her.

After, I sank back in my chair, legs apart this time, and watched them. I masturbated again as Chris did her.

After he left, Karen and I, still buck naked, talked about what had happened, and we masturbated each other again. This time, I felt Chris's sperm in her pussy which was fantastic!

Karen and I spent the night together and did things to each other that break the ST rules, we masturbated each other without our fingers!

So, I learned that my 'objection' was purely pre-programmed. I am at least Bi, and I can imagine me spending some time in a relationship with another girl.

As I have not been fucked yet, Chris is going to help me out in that area too, and this time Karen gets to watch.



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