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Hunky Gardener Caught Me

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A helping hand in more ways than one


I work from home and masturbate nearly every day. Well, who wouldn't given all that time alone?

During the summer we hired gardeners to sort out our  tip of a back garden. The two guys arrived early in the morning - and boy were they fit! The younger one in particular was maybe three or four years younger than me, dark tousled hair, gorgeous tanned skin, bright glue eyes and rippling muscles everywhere! The other guy was hot too, an older man with that weather beaten, string and sexy look.

I got on with my day, though my usual solo sex routine was obviously not going to happen with two strangers wandering around my back garden! It was a blistering day though and as they worked into the afternoon and I watched them slily through the window I started to get really horny. And daring!

I went up to our bedroom which overlooks the back garden and looked out. Both guys had their shirts off. They had such fit, tanned and beautiful bodies. The younger guy was bending over in a pair of tight black shorts. So hot! 

Still watching them I stripped naked in my room, taking care not to be seen. I could watch them by kneeling on the bed. As Inwatched their two hot bodies Infantasised about fucking them both, right here in mine and my husband's bed. My hand was between my legs and I drank in the sight of the young guy with the hot ass in particular, before sliding on to the bed to rub my clit to a huge orgasm.

I lay there naked and feeling really naughty. I was tempted to stand in full view of the window so they could see, take in my big boobs and curvy body and wish they could come up here and fuck me. That thought got me aroused again and I started to strike my tits and then to touch my pussy again. I was really wet and could hear them moving about through the open window.


Suddenly a noise made me look up. The younger guy was standing in the doorway! Fuck! I was lying here naked and masturbating in front of a hunky stranger! I went to cover myself up but he put his finger to his lips and walked right across to me.


"Been watching for a while," he drawled. "Hottest thing I've seen in a long time."

I could see the sweat glistening on his chest and muscly tattooed arms. And something else. There was a huge bulge in his shorts.

He smiled his gorgeous smile. "Let me help," he said simply.

I lay there, blushing, helpless and aroused. The hot gardener bent to kiss my boobs and suck my nipples. His hot stubbly face felt so different to my husband's. Now his hand reached between my legs. I was so wet. His fingers glidedOver my labia and hard clit. He slid his middle finger inside and started finger fucking me as he rubbed my clit and sucked my big tits.

I could see he was throbbing now and wanting to give him some encouragement I undid his tight shorts. His huge cock sprang out and it really was big, long and wide and throbby. I started to wank him and he moaned aloud, speeding up his action on my pussy. We came at the same time, him sucking and biting my nipples as he drugged me, shooting his hot cummall over my naked body. 

"Well, that was a great show," came a voice. The older guy was standing in the doorway, cock in hand. He looked ready to burst. 

"I'm sure she'll do you as well" the young guy said. "She's really good."

So I tossed off the older man as well, just to treat them equally, while the young guy licked me to a third climax of the day.

I love working from home!!

PS all but the bit about me masturbating on my bed watching them is a fantasy. Feedback welcome!








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