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Humiliating First Time

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On the cusp of turning 13, I was an emotional mess. My legs were too long, my breasts were undeveloped, I was not coordinated and I always felt that nobody could possibly be as dorky as me. To make it all the worse, since I had my first period I was in a constant state of hyper horniness. I'd caress myself just to the brink of "something huge". Although I was desperate to go over the edge,I forced myself to stop because I feared what would happen next. I couldn't keep my hands off my swollen little pussy and felt compelled to wear a mini pad all day just to keep the wetness from staining my clothes.

My few friends were all very uptight, my father was deceased and my mom was the last person on earth with whom I felt comfortable discussing such intimate concerns. I felt destined to remain lonely and unfulfilled for the rest of my life. My big breakthrough came on my 13th birthday.

My mom took me to a luxury beach resort for a few days and gave me the freedom to spend some time on my own. One afternoon when she was in our hotel room, I was lying out by the pool and caught a glimpse of a gorgeous boy with short blond hair, perhaps slightly older than I was, talking with his parents. After a while, he got up and walked to the area that housed the showers and changing rooms. Without any particular plan in mind, I decided to surreptitiously follow him. He went into a changing cubicle, closed the wooden door and I heard the lock click.

I quietly entered the stall next to his and sat on the wooden bench, still with no idea of why I was even there. But my heart was racing and my clit was pulsing simply at the thought of being so near this handsome young boy. I could see his sandalled feet from under the partition that separated our changing booths. I heard the rustling of fabric and realized that OMG, he had probably taken off his swim suit and was standing inches away from me completely nude!

In a moment of reckless abandon, a totally ridiculous and inappropriate thought flashed through my lust-crazed mind. I reached in my purse and retrieved my hand mirror. I knew I was about to witness my very first dick, as I felt warm liquid start to seep through the front of my suit. With a shaking hand, I bent over and placed the mirror on the floor, careful to stay back a couple of feet, away from what I thought would be his line of sight.

And lo and behold - there it was! Penis, balls, hair . . . it was the most awesome and exciting sight I'd ever experienced. My life was complete (well almost).

If I'd possessed any common sense, I would have hastily retreated, gone into a bathroom and rubbed myself silly until I finally went over to the promised land of orgasm. But noooo, I needed to see more. So I sat down, repositioned the mirror for a closer view and watched from this better angle so see his delicious family jewels being covered up by his swim suit.

Suddenly, without warning, a hand flashed out and grabbed the mirror from my hand. As I reflexively yanked my hand away, in a moment of horror, I watched as my prized emerald ring (given to me by my grandmother) rolled into his booth.

It took enormous self-control not to scream. I was panicked and knew I was in deep shit. My neighboring Greek god whispered, "Are you out of your mind?" Without missing a beat, I replied, nearly in tears, "Yes I am - would you please give me back my ring?" I could hear him breathing as though out of breath; my heart pounded. "Did you see what you wanted to see, or would you like to see more?" Now THAT was an unexpected question. "How old are you"? he demanded. Fourteen, I lied.

He said that I could be arrested for being a peeping tom, but he would do me a favor and return the ring and not report me. I was deliriously relieved and gave him a quivering "Thank you".

"But first, sit down so I can see you from the waist down". I complied, and he handed me my mirror. He sat down so now we could see each others legs in a sitting Indian position. I gazed at his torso, mesmerized by his body, so close to mine. He reached down, pulled his swimsuit aside and slowly removed his cock, which was considerably larger than when I saw it moments before hanging limply between his legs. His hand moved up and down the shaft and his organ grew bigger. "You see mine - now let me see yours and I'll give you your ring back." I said, "You've gotta be kidding me?" He responded, "You don't want to go to jail, do you? Here - let me help." In a swift motion, he gently reached over and touched my suit directly on top of my sopping wet twat. I gasped as a bolt of electricity slammed through my groin. I couldn't have moved at that point if the earth had collapsed. His hand slowly slid my suit to one side and a flurry of pubic hair spilled atop his fingers.

With the other hand he handed me my ring and said, "I don't know who you are, but I really suggest that you don't make a practice of this. Now is there anything else you want of me before I leave?" Tears were flowing now. "Please don't stop touching me", I pleaded. At these words, I could see him scoot closer. He held the fabric of my suit to one side and gently circled my magic button. Fluid flowed copiously over his fingers and he suddenly pulled his hand away. "This is very wrong for both of us, but I'll bet we'll never forget what happened today."

With that, he stood up and quickly left. I sat there weeping uncontrollably.

Reaching down into my sodden pussy, I pressed hard on that bump that was the center of my being, and with uncanny self-control withheld the scream of ecstasy that catapulted me into that promised land that had eluded me for so long.

I'll never know the reason, but that singular event helped propel me to become a self-confident teenager. My mom noticed a different aura about me and was happy with whatever caused the change. Had she known, she wouldn't have been happy!



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