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How It Started With My Mom

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How it all began 

I've been a chronic masturbater since the sixth grade and maybe I'll tell some of those stories from my youth at a later time but for now I want to talk about how things started with my mom.


My mom is 23 years older than me. She and I have always had a very open relationship regarding masturbation and sexuality. Many many times growing up we'd walk in on each other having sex or masturbating. In the fall of 2019 my mom confided in me that for the previous 12 years she has had a sexual relationship with our cousin. I've always been close to him even though he lives halfway across the country but definitely never thought of him like that. But the more she talked about him, about their sex life, the wetter I got. Like I said my mom and I have always had a very open relationship, discussing our sex lives freely and never hiding our masturbation or sexual encounters from each other (I was the cool teen who always got to have boyfriends and girlfriends spend the night (I'm bisexual). As we kept talking about him I got more and more curious. My mom knew how painful my most recent breakup had been and said I deserved to have sex with a good guy who'd take care of me. She encouraged me to talk to the cousin. So we did. And talking led to sexting, omg he looks great naked! And sexting led to me flying up to him over the New Year's weekend to spend a week having absolutely the best sex I've ever had!



Then came Covid. Boredom and horniness overtook us and one night my mom and I were swapping sex stories and we were both getting very worked up. So from what my cousin and mom told me, I got into the incest aspect during sex with him much more than my mom did. When they have sex it's more two single horny people helping each other out (that's verbatim what he's told me and my mom confirmed). But I'd secretly been wanting to try something with my mom for awhile. Growing up we'd often spend the day totally naked in the blistering hot summer months since it was just me, her, and my sister. I'd walk in on her masturbating and hear her having sex so often the taboo thoughts would get to me. But I always believed my mom wouldn't be interested, mainly because she isn't interested in women at all. But a few weeks into quarantine, after a trip to see my cousin again fell apart for obvious reasons, I flat out asked her one night during our sex talks if she wanted to masturbate and to my surprise she said yes with very little hesitation. We got naked and laid side by side on her bed and we didn't touch each other but we did play footsies (a detail which drove my cousin wild when I recapped the event to him later as he's got a major foot fetish). We both came at the same time and we agreed there was no awkwardness and no regrets. 



We did it again together a few nights later with the same fact pattern, though that time we snapped pics to our cousin, and it blew his mind seeing us grinning at the camera with our bare tits just hanging out and he loved the pic of our bare feet touching. The third time things changed a little. We were in bed fingering ourselves, naked and rubbing our bare feet together. Well this time as she was getting close to orgasm, my lust got the better of me. I leaned over and took her nipple into my mouth as she came. My mom... I don't want to say she freaked out but she definitely didn't know how to feel about it. We didn't talk about it for a little while and stopped masturbating together, though we'd still hear each other through the walls. After ignoring the elephant in the room for about a week my mom admitted she was weirded out and didn't want to do it with me anymore. I was sad and thought that was the end of it. But eventually a combination of hearing me make myself cum so loudly at night and more importantly the continuing quarantine with no end in sight convinced her to not only do it again, but be open to experimenting further.



On a night right after I'd finished my period (had to wait for that) we got naked and laid down in bed and began masturbating, rubbing our bare feet together. Soon I rolled over and asked if she wanted to try kissing. Now I've gone all the way with girls before, no joke I was having sex with girls before I even kissed a guy, but my mom had never even kissed a girl. Not only that, sex with our cousin had never been about the incest element for her. Like I said it's not so much fucking her cousin as it was an arrangement for taking care of each other when they're both single and horny (again my cousin's words verbatim because I can't think of a more perfect wording). But I guess she was so horny and curious that she gave in and kissed me. Before too long we were feeling and kissing each other's breasts. My mind really could not comprehend what was happening, it was happening so fast. She kissed down to my breasts and sucked my nipples and it felt so good! She ended up fingering me to orgasm, her mouth alternating between my mouth and my nipples. After I came I happily returned the favor, fingering her while alternating between kissing her and sucking her nipples. When she came I licked my fingers clean and she tastes very similar to me, which was very surprising.



A few weeks go by, we keep masturbating together and making out but we never go that far again, I think because both of us were skittish of initiating anything the other was uncomfortable with. Then came Mother's Day. I decided I wanted to give her a pussy eating, even if she didn't feel comfortable reciprocating. So we got naked, laid down in bed together, started making out while rubbing our bare feet together. Soon I climbed on top of her and started kissing down her neck, sucked her nipples, kissed down to her feet and sucked her toes (she has loved having her feet played with by guys since her late teens. I personally am okay with foot play, my first girlfriend had a foot fetish and I've Incorporated in into sex with other girls but my cousin was the first guy to play with my feet), and then I licked her pussy, eating her out until she came, squirting on my face. Afterwards she still didn't feel comfortable going down on me which I was fine with but she did finger me off while her mouth alternated between kissing me and licking my nipples until I came. She wouldn't go down on me for me for a few months...



I think I should probably stop here. There's lots more to tell 








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