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How It All Started

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Father unemployed, large family, microscopic house. It was bound to happen.


My three sisters and I had a room to ourselves, and our two brothers had another. Jessica, is older than me and was 19 at the time and pissed as all hell that she still had to share. Jane was two years younger and had begun to develop way younger than me or Jess.

I know Jessica had a boyfreind and I know she was fucking. How? It was easy to notice all the cum in her knickers when, after a night with him, she dumped them in the laundry hamper that I had to empty (and wash) when it was full. She also used to masturbate but she was a total dominant cow and would never let me or Jane do it. As soon as either of us started, the light would snap on and she would say something like 'For fucks sake. Leave your sweaty little pussy alone' Of course for some reason, we never dared say anything to her and we would hear her sigh and moan most nights.

So we had to grab whatever chance we could. Our parents, being ultra-strict catholics would not allow locks on the doors and we even had to sleep with the doors open. We were allowed a little 'private time' to get dressed, but other than that it was open house.

Then I hit on a wonderful idea. Dad used to spend the whole day in Church praying for a job when he wasn't being interviewed and I decided I would bunk school. I would have the house to myself and I could jill off in peace. (I was doing it in the school toilets at that time.. NOT a good place)

So. I slipped into the house one afternoon and crept up to our room. Out of habit, I didn't shut the door, but then I knew I was alone. I stripped to my bra and knickers, and even doing that was horny as all hell. I lay on my bed, spread my legs and started to touch over my knickers. I felt my pussy swell, and I felt the moisture gather making the material slick.

Then, I tugged the material to one side and pushed a finger deep inside. Ohhhh it felt so lovely. I began fingering, rubbing my clit, teasing my tight asshole with my eyes tight shut imagining someone from school (OK it was a teacher) fucking me.

I was even starting to whisper stuff like 'Ohh put it in me. Fuck me... do me hard.'

Then I heard a gasp. I opened my eyes and there was Allan, my brother. He was staring with his eyes like saucers and his cock in his hand! I guess he had the same idea I had. I didn't even think to check his room and he must have done really quiet when he heard me go upstairs.

By now I was too close to want to stop but this was the first cock I had ever seen and boy, it looked good enough to eat. (Literally) I sat up, still with my legs wide and reached for it, somehow it made me feel really powerful.

I pulled him onto the bed and on top of me although I had decided that no way was I going to fuck him OR anyone else. Instead he moved and I moved. I guess its called dry humping, but what really happened was he masturbated my clit through my knickers with his penis.

I felt very grown up with my legs around his waist and him pressing against my knickers. At one point it felt like the material was going inside me a little way, but I think it was just my hopeful imagination.

Then, Allan gasped, 'cumming.' and I felt suddenly warm and wet down there before I cummed too. It was like nothing I had experienced at school and this was really hard and strong. Being pressed against like that made me thingk I was really getting screwed and the wetness, well, it WAS spunk.

It was then that I found I had peed myself. ALL over my sister's bed too!

I ran to the bathroom and got in the shower, but Allan got in with me. He held me, cuddled me, kissed me and reached between my legs and masturbated me. It hurt a little and there was blood on my legs. In turn, I took his cock and wanked him off against my ass.

That was my first time masturbating a boy and being masturbated by one. It was kinky, dirty, sexy, horny as fuck.



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