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How I Please Myself

Posted by: Age: 23 Posted on: 8 comments
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How I please myself

I like masturbation a lot. Especially with toys, but sometimes I use just my fingers too. I own a whole lot of dildos and vibrators. Right now I use a dildo with a suction cup a lot. I like to fasten that to the floor or a wall/door. It's a fun way to do it. I watch a lot of porn, I especially like GIF pictures. I have tons of people I follow who post things that turn me on. I spend too much time looking at things that excite me. I rarely masturbate in front of my screen though. Sometimes I do, I guess. But I really want to let go and give in to masturbation when I do it so I don't want to be doing two things at the same time. Usually I will be on my bed when I masturbate because it's comfortable and nice! I like to use a nipple clamp on my clit. I clamp it around the clit kind of. It makes the area around it feel so nice and tight when the clamp is there and I rub over it with a finger. It's like the whole skin is more sensitive. I don't know why that is, but I know I enjoy it! Sometimes I have the other clamp on one of my nipples. I also enjoy the feeling of spreading the lips of my vagina out to the sides with my hands so often I spend time just doing that and looking at myself in a mirror. I can have orgasms from nipple play too. It takes a long time and it's not always going to happen. Usually I know right away when I start rubbing and playing with my breasts if I will be able to have a "nipple orgasm" or not. The orgasm isn't as intense as a regular orgasm. But it's longer and feels kind of softer, it's more like a very tingling sensation, in my whole body. An orgasm from pussy play is more concentrated around the genitals area, but I do feel those in my whole body too. But they're different from nipple play orgasms! It's very hard to explain an orgasm! Both sensations are so very nice of course, but different! When I play with my vagina I enjoy penetration. I rarely rub myself to orgasm only using my clit. I like the feeling of being penetrated and prefer to cum during penetration. It feels better that way. Usually I will start on my back on the bed. I often have a dildo in one hand and a hand mirror in the other hand, because I want to see what is going on. I'm very visual and like to see. Being on my back on the bed is a nice position for just pushing a dildo in and out, and it's the way I like to do it most often. It's simple and just works. Sometimes I take the dildo out and run it over my clit a couple of times, that feels nice especially if I have the nipple clamp on it. Sometimes I push once inside me, then the next stroke over my clit and again the next stroke I push the dildo inside me. When I do that for a while I get that feeling that I'm going to explode, it's a really delicious feeling! I also like to ride on a dildo. I try to position the dildo so I can ride it without holding it with my hands. Then I can play with my breasts and nipples while I ride on it. I can orgasm pretty easily in this position too! But really my favorite position for masturbating orgasms is simply to be on my back again, and I lift my legs up into the air, because my orgasms seem to feel more intense then. I'm not sure why that is! Sometimes I squirt. But it's not like the squirting you see in porn sometimes. I don't squirt across the room and soak the windows! It only dribbles out most of the time. But sometimes there's enough fluid to make a towel really wet all the way through! I like to take my juices in my hand when it happens and taste it, or just suck on my dildo. When I think of the taste I get horny and want to masturbate right away! So now I think I will stop writing and do that!



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