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How I Learnt

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If you want a steamy MM story, this isn't it - it's just a fairly normal story of discovery at puberty


To get the basics out the way, I was never given 'The Talk' but I was given a book called, I think, 'What every boy needs to know about puberty' and told that if I had any questions, I must talk to my dad. Well, it was a fairly comprehensive book and I never felt the need to discuss things. I started puberty and I started having wet dreams which my book had told me were normal.

The end of my primary school life arrived and during the holidays I was sent for a routine eye test. It was found that I needed glasses so a few days later I was back at the optometrist to collect them. When I went into the waiting room there was another guy (Brian) also waiting. I didn't really know him, he had only just moved into our street, but I had said 'hi' to him a few times and he seemed friendly enough. He had the same story as me and had also come to collect his new glasses. Well, he was called into the optometrist's rooms and five minutes later came out wearing his new glasses. Then it was my turn. When I came out I was a bit surprised to find that Brian was waiting for me.

It was about 10 minutes walk back to our street and we must have looked like a pair of nerds walking together, both wearing similar black-framed glasses. He told me that his dad had just been transferred to our town and we discovered that we would both be starting at the same high school in the next term. It was a hot day and when we got to his house he invited me in for a cold drink.

Somehow we got onto arm wrestling. We were fairly evenly matched, but I won our first round. Brian then said 'best of three'. He won the next round but I won the third round. Then he said 'glasses off' and he launched himself at me in a play wrestling match. It was great fun and after 5 or 10 minutes we were both exhausted, but I noticed that I had developed a huge boner, which Brian also commented on but I was able to say that he also had one (although the bulge in his pants was much smaller).

'Do you wank?' he asked. I knew from my book that wanking was another word for masturbating and that it was quite normal for boys to do it, but I had never tried 'self-stimulation' as the book coyly put it. 'Do you?' I asked. 'Of course' was the reply 'Lets do it together, my dad's at work and my mom is out for the morning so we won't be interrupted'. I was interested in finding out about this wanking business so when Brian said we must drop our pants, down they came followed by my white underpants. I had already found that Brian was two months older than me, but he had only a small patch of pubic hair compared to mine and his penis was only about half my size, at that age I was nearly six inches. Unlike most of the guys at school, we were both cut.

'Right, lets go!' said Brian. I didn't let on that I had never wanked before and just did what he did. After a while I said that I thought I needed a pee. 'Maybe you are just close to coming' said Brian, 'But we had better go to the bathroom in case you do pee'. So with our pants at our ankles we went to the bathroom and resumed activities. Soon Brian said 'I'm coming' and two or three little squirts of white stuff shot into his hand. 'Now you' said Brian. Since I now knew more or less what to expect I wanked away furiously. Suddenly it felt as if my knees were giving way and out shot the first spurt, hitting the wall opposite, followed by another few smaller spurts and eventually the spurting stopped, but globs of white stuff were still oozing out. 'Wow, you are quite a stud! exclaimed Brian. He helped me clean up with toilet paper which we flushed away.

So that is how I learned how to do 'it'. As I said, it was a fairly normal route of discovery, and the follow-ups were also pretty normal if anyone is interested.



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