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How I Learned To Masturbate

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This is the exact story of how I learned to Masturbate


At the time I lived in the country so friends were few and far between other than at school. Allen lived about a mile away and was my only friend that was not from school although I would only see him a few times each summer.

One summer Allen and I were bike riding and stopped to skip stones under an old bridge. We said see who can hit the pillar first. It was very easy so not too interesting. Then Allen said lets make a game of it. He said the rule is that when one of us hits the pillar with a stone the other has to drop his pants and show his privates. I was a bit shocked but very interestd to show off my cock to anyone because I had never done anything like this before. I agreed and after a few throws I was the first to drop my pants.

My cock was already hard just knowing I was going to show off my cock although I had no idea why it even got hard. Down went my pants with my cock sticking straight out. Allen took a good close look and then back up they went. I was equally interested to see another cock because mine was the only one I had even seen. He too was hard as a rock and we both had yet to grow any pubic hair.

Allen then had another idea. He said we should try to hit this big bolt that stuck out from the pillar. If we did we got to feel the other guys cock too. I agreed to let him feel mine but I said I would only look at his.

During the game Allen asked if I ever rubbed my cock. He said it felt good if you rolIed the skin up and down. Right at that moment both of our sisters came along on their bikes. Luckily for us we could hear them in the gravel on top of the bridge so we got our clothes all tucked in and cocks hidden away.

Of course our game was over but I was so horny thinking about how I got to show off my cock and how I got my cock and balls felt about five times.

Later that afternoon once Allen and his sister had gone home I was still thrilled thinking about what we had done. I was thinking about what Allen said about rolling the skin up and down on my cock. I went to my bedroom stripped naked, layed back on my bed to try it. He was so right. It felt great! It was only a moment until the fantastic but new feeling of orgasm started to take over.

I still remember how I just kept rolling what very little foreskin I have up and down and my body jerking and bobbing. I was not able to ejacualte yet so there was no shock of squirting cum. It was my first time jerking off but I had no idea what I had done nor why this would happen. All I knew is it felt absolutly great!

From that day on I would jerk off as often as my cock would allow. I never spoke to Allen about that day again.

About two years after we moved to a town not too far away. I met a boy named Ricky who lived in the house right behind us and was also in my class at school. One day while we were in his yard playing catch he asked me out of the blue if I had ever jacked off, as he called it. I asked what jacked off is. He explained then with huge eyes and great excitement I said, you know about doing that? He said yes and that he knew a few other boys that did it. He stopped throwing the ball and walked over to me. We started walking and talking about this new term jacking off. I asked him how many times he would do it and I found I was normal jacking a few times a day.

We walked to the open field at the end of our road. Far behind the church was a dug out in the ground. Ricky jumped down in the dugout and said this is my fort. As I jumped down he said he comes here to jack off. He asked if I wanted to jack off right there with him. I wanted to so bad but said no. I was afraid of my older sister finding out and telling my parents. He then pulled down his pants and said he was going to do it and I could watch. So watch I did. Ricky was my age but shorter and skinny and I was tall and skinny. I was amazed at how small his cock was. I had only seen mine and Allens before. Ricky jacked off diferently than me. He only used his finger and thumb. He told me keep on the lookout for anybody coming too. I was more interested in seeing how he jerked his cock and was waiting to see how he reacted to the orgasm.

After about 10 minutes he said here it is and his eyes started to flutter. His shirt was open and pants down so I could see his body reacting the same as mine did. He started to bob up and down and then made this very funny sound with a wide open mouth of ahe ahe ahe ahe. He too did not have pubic hair nor did he squirt any cum.

That was the first of many times I watched Ricky jack off. Most days right after school we went to the fort while he jacked and I watched. I so wanted to do it too then one day while walking home he talked me into it. I don't know why I said yes, it just blurted out. My cock was fully erect now as we walked to the fort. I pulled down my pants and whlie doing the same Ricky said you can go first. I said aren't we both going to jack together? He said yes buy I could cum first. I was so horny that it only took about 30 seconds of stroking before I came. As I was cumming I looked at him he was glued to my every move. He said wow that was a good one and then he said it was his turn and did the same.

That was the last time I jerked off with Ricky although I still watched him many time.

We did one day have a bet to see who could jerk off the most times in one day. It was up to us to be honest. I won with 14 times from morning to night. Boy was my cock worn out after that day and it was only a few days later that I ejaculated for the very first time. Lots of creamy juice that was very new to me.

That was the beginning of my life of masturbation. To this day although I have a great sex life with my wife I love to stroke my cock and watch the cum squirt out.

I may post again about the only other mutual jerking with a friend I did when I was 15.



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