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How I Got Started

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This story covers my early experiences from about 10 or 11 up through high school and some college.

Back when I was first getting really interested in sexual stuff, when I was about 13, there was no internet and my parents really didn't tell me much either. No sex ed classes in my school. I guess there were porn magazines around and the 8-page Bibles but at that age that stuff never came into my possession. I had first discovered masturbation by inching up and down the pole on a swingset at school. I could make myself orgasm, but it was dry. I had no idea what I was doing. I thought I was the only one in the world who had discovered this wonderful feeling.  Somewhere I had learned that a man could stick his cock into a woman to make a baby but I was so clueless that I didn't even know there was any thrusting involved. I just thought you stuck it in there and that was it. I had not associated my swingset orgasms to the sex act at that point. I lived near a military camp and the soldiers used to perform maneuvers in the woods behind my house. There was a campgrounds of sorts buried back in the woods that had some wooden benches there. There were a number of pencil drawings or carvings in the benches. There were several drawings of hands jacking giant penises with cum spurting out. One of the soldiers had carved an extremely realistic drawing of a guy fucking a girl. He had motion marks behind the guys butt, which was my first clue that there was some movement involved in the sex act. Then a little later an older kid took me and my best bud into the bushes, took out his cock, and jacked off to a spurting orgasm. He tried to get us both to join him but we were too shy. By now I was starting to put it all together. I was probably 13 by then. By then I had already figured out that stroking my penis with my hand would make me have an orgasm. I don't think I had started to spurt at the time I saw the older kid's cock squirting out a load of cum so that was a real eye-opener. Most of us remember the first time we had sex. I don't. The reason is, my first sexual experiences came in a group of three all within a week of each other and I am damned if I can remember which one was actually the first. The one that I think was first was with a 13 y.o. girl. I was just turned 15 and working in a gas station. It was late at night just before closing when she came in to buy some candy. She came into the station several times a week and would only let me wait on her. The other guys working there used to tease the hell out of me that she wanted to fuck me. So when she arrived I decided to find out if they knew what they were talking about. I took her hand and led her outside and around to the door of the ladies room. She never said a word but went in with me and I locked the door. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock, which was already hard as a rock just from the anticipation of what I was going to do. I sat her on the toilet seat, pulled her panties to one side and attempted to enter her but I had no idea where her pussy opening was. I had always assumed it was on the front of a womans body, not down where it actually is. She made no attempt to help me. So there I was rubbing my cockhead around on her pubic mound attempting to unsuccessfully find an opening. The friction was just too damn much for my overly sensitive teenage penis and within hardly any time at all I spurted my semen all over her lower belly. While I was extremely embarrassed it didn't seem to bother her at all. So I count that as my first masturbation experience with a person of the opposite sex because no penetration took place. The other two experiences that took place that same week were more successful. They were both with girls much more experienced than I was and they showed me what to do. And I later had a follow-up with the 13 y.o. that also turned out ok. By the time I was 15 I was dating some of the high school girls. You could drive at age 15 in the state I lived in at the time and I had an older car that I could get around in and manage to park in some lovers lanes and get into some very heavy petting. I was an extremely horny teen by then and tried to bang every girl I dated. Its kind of funny because when I think back to my early sexcapades I never had any thoughts about getting a handjob or a blowjob. Never even crossed my mind. I just wanted to stick my cock in a wet pussy. I could get almost every girl I dated to let me feel her tits and in most cases suck on them. Of course I always tried to get my hand in their panties and that was a little more difficult. I am guessing I was successful about half the time. If I had known what the hell I was doing I should have taken my cock out of my pants. I learned much later how successful that could be in getting past third base. But even then all through high school I was getting sex on a fairly regular basis. But by the time I was 17 or so I was beginning to learn more about foreplay. And I was starting to get my dates to stroke my cock while I fingered their pussies. I remember once being at a high school party and the date I was with was this luscious little teen. I had long had the hots for her. Even in the middle of the party the two of us were swapping spit around. I talked her into going out to the car to continue and it didn't take much persuasion. Once there I had my finger in her wet cunt and she had my cock out and was jacking me off. I wanted to fuck her but there were other people wandering around where the cars were parked and she didn't want to do it. So she jacked me off until I made a real mess all over my clothes. We had to leave the party because I had cum all over me. Then I started going steady with a gal in my junior year of high school. We were getting it on four or five times a week. Up to then I had never engaged in oral sex or had anybody go down on me. I had the urge but thought there might be something perverted about it. That summer I had a job working on a dam construction site. Everybody on the job was a redneck cracker and some of the guys had caught a couple parked near the construction site where the guy was going down on his girlfriend. So that was the only topic of conversation for several days and all the rubes were making fun of what a perverted weirdo the guy must have been to put his mouth on woman's pussy. This further inhibited me from trying it. I really wanted to but was afraid to go for it. But shortly after this my gf had a babysitting job and I joined her. We loved those babysitting jobs because it allowed us have sex somewhere other than in my car once the kid was asleep. This particular home had a copy of the Masters & Johnson sex study. I was leafing through it looking at the various survey info and was shocked to see how many people were engaged in oral sex. The way the book broke it down they had people listed at grade school education, high school education, and college level education. The more schooling a person had, the higher the percentage was of those who performed oral sex. So once I realized that a very large percentage of people were licking pussy and sucking cock, I talked my gf into letting me try it. She thought it was sick and dirty and really didn't want me to do it. But once my tongue started lapping her clit and her labia, her opinion changed very rapidly. I also talked her into giving me blowjobs by showing her the charts in the book. I thought it was interesting that I had such an urge to put my face in a pussy without even knowing anything about it. Along those same lines I was once conversing with an online lady friend about our early sexual experiences. She told me that the very first time she ever saw an erect cock she was on a date with a bf from high school. He had talked her into jacking him off and she said that while doing it she was staring at his cock and had an overwhelming desire to suck it. And so she did. And again, she said she had no prior thoughts about doing anything like that. She just got this urge out of the blue once she saw that hard prick. So I have come to the conclusion that the human psyche is somehow pre-programmed to perform oral sex on our partners. I realize that coming to that conclusion from only two experiences is stretching it a bit but thats my opinion. My high school steady gf and I broke up a couple of times while in high school and as soon as we did I was hot on the trail of some new pussy and always scored. Those trysts never lasted as my gf and I would always go back together. And a few years out of high school we got married. I had gone off to college for a year and half and got plenty of sexual hookups during that time. I went to an all-male college so all the sex I was getting was from the local high school girls. I remember one girl in particular who was this sweet innocent thing who I had the hots for but I never thought in a million years that there would be any sex involved. I borrowed a buddys car and the two of us went on a picnic at a nearby lake. One thing led to another and after a ton of necking with a huge amount of tongue action I had a rock hard erection. I figured I would go for it and she made no effort to stop me. I put my hand up her skirt and that gal had the wettest pussy I have ever touched in my entire life. I pulled her panties off and they were soaking wet. She hiked her dress up to keep it from getting wet but it already had a huge spot on the back. Thankfully the car had vinyl upholstery but there was a giant puddle of wetness under her. I can't go into too much detail but she was so slippery that at one point she whispered to me You've got it in the wrong hole. I was totally unaware. I had another high school girl I was dating while away at college and that mostly consisted of me going to her house and watching tv while her parents and grandmother also watched. The parents usually went to bed early leaving us with granny. The tv was positioned in the archway between the living room and dining room. Granny sat in a recliner in the dining room. She could see the tv, as could we, but we couldn't see each other. We could see her feet but that was all. Once the parents retired to the bedroom upstairs, the girl and I would start smooching. Lots of tongue action, which always made me hard. She wouldn't let me go up her skirt (I think she was concerned granny would smell her if I started fingering her pussy) but she would take my cock out and jack me off. Most of the time she wouldn't finish me off which I would do as soon as I got back to my room. But a couple of times she did make me cum. She would have some Kleenex ready to catch all my cum to avoid me making a mess on my pants. I always wondered if granny could smell my semen. The entire time we were doing whatever it was we were doing I never took my eyes off of grannys feet. I always wore sweaters so if the feet started to move I could pull the bottom of the bulky sweater down to cover my cock. I would never have been able to stuff it back in my pants and get zipped up in time. Fortunately she never made a move the whole time we were making out. Beyond my high school and college years a lot of other sexual experiences have taken place. I have written stories posted here on some of them. I will try to continue to post stories if I can clean them up enough to get them approved by the moderators. This story might push those boundaries a little but I hope I have kept it within the boundaries enough that it gets posted.



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