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How I Do It - For Cami

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Written in response to 'Love My Pussy' on 13th November


This is how I usually do it and although I masturbate everyday, I only ejaculate every three or four days. I should say that my wife Christine often does it for me and knows so well just how to give such relief and pleasure.

Before getting into bed I sprinkle and spread silk talcum powder on my penis especially on the glans with the uncut foreskin held back. (In the bathroom I would use soap.) When I'm fully hard the foreskin stretches halfway over the swollen knob. I masturbate only with my fingers rolling the foreskin in many different ways using either hand equally. Each hand seems to produce different feelings

Except for the final climax I concentrate on massaging the glans and in particular the ridge or corona with its super concentration of nerve endings. I start with finger tips - either finger and thumb (any finger), or the tips of finger and thumb the back of a second finger, in the way you might hold a pen. I can also put it between second and third fingers. To start with I move my fingers down and up once per second three times then pause. Gradually I speed up but always have the pause. Then I increase the number of rubs to four then five and gradually increase the speed to two or three times per second.

Next I clasp my penis, still close to the glans, with two straight fingers below and straight thumb above and wank down and up with a bit more pressure and using the same sort of rhythm as before, perhaps a bit faster and shorter pauses. At this stage I don?t go above six or seven rubs without pause. The aching pleasure is increasing all the time and with each pause a throb goes through from penis to groin and right to the muscles in my anus. When in the bathroom I feel and enhance this throb with forefinger penetration. When I masturbate Christine she loves lubed finger penetration in the same way, especially during the tight contractions through orgasm.

For the final stage of masturbation every day I make a ring with forefinger and thumb over the foreskin which rolls back and forth on and off the purple swollen glans. The sensitive corona is standing out hard and my fingers feel it as the ring rolls over. Now I am speeding up to about four rubs per second and pausing for perhaps half a second and changing hands when I feel like it. The pleasure has built up intensely and I just carry on for as long as I want, controlling the throbbing pauses. If I feel like it or want to be quick I go straight for the ring hold and leave out the earlier stages.
When I decide to ejaculate I usually grip my penis in the fist of my right hand and put my left hand between my legs, pressing up into the groin. Pumping in even faster bursts with very short pauses I soon reach that special feeling so hard to describe where I know that I'm about to cum and must suddenly stop. In a second comes the first powerful ejaculation as the semen spurts out usually into a handkerchief but sometimes on to my stomach and chest. Then follows a sequence of split second pumps each followed by further spurts, perhaps up to ten in all.

When masturbating I sometimes think about the times I've watched women masturbate themselves or each other and I remember some of the amazing stories I've read on this web-site.

Did you read it Cami?



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