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Hotel Room With Steve!

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Steve and I have young fun in a hotel room!

Names have been changed to protect identities.


For context, my friend Steve has the greatest ass of all time. Fluffy, soft, and all around amazing. We have been friends for a while and always used to joke about his amazing ass! We would playfully grab it and smirk and make jokes - as teens do. When he got a girlfriend, she had been our friend for a while so she didn't care about our playful male jokes!

One time, when Steve and I had been at his house alone, I had grabbed his ass - playfully of course. Well, then I dry-humped him, continuing the joke. We were alone and I started to get a hardon. He had never seen my dick, or me his, and had never felt it of course. Once I told him I had to "stretch" as in let my hardon rest and go back down - he didn't suspect a thing. 3 minutes later I came back and he dry-humped me! Then he 'streched' also! This kept going until we gave up hiding the hardons and started continuing the dry-hump while hard. I would position my cock to make it seem like it was going in - but of course underwear and shorts blocked my entry! He did the same. Later I would fake jack him off - with both of us still having pants and underwear on. He would do it back to me. Then I said let me see the underwear. He unzipped his pants to reveal his white underwear - with a small pre-cum wet spot showing at the top. I could now for the first time see the shape of his cock. He unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and showed me his underwear. Next, I continued to jack him off, over the underwear. After about 15 seconds I would stop, and he would do me. We kept doing this for a while and that was it for that time. Little did we know that was not the end. 






Flash forward to our next visit. The same process started:



1. Dry hump


2. Disregard hardon and continue dry hump (taking turns)

3. Jack off over pants

4. Jack off over underwear


This is where the fun started. Next, I would say that I want to see the rest. His parents were home but they didn't really care about what we did. We moved swiftly to his room to continue "playing". We got on his bed and said on the count of three we would show each other our penises. We counted, "One, Two, Three!" We both exposed our raging hardons from under our clothing and for the first time got a good look. We were both very excited, but did not do any touching. We both jerked off in his bed, looking at each other but again - not touching. When I was close I informed him and we moved to his bathroom. I went first and started increasing my speed and breathing. When I was on the brink of coming I told him so he could watch. I shot my biggest load ever all over his toilet bowl! Even got some on the floor. He chickened out and said he didn't want to cum yet. We returned to his bed where we both kept jacking off (me going for round two for the first time). We continued working and he announced he was close. Back up to the bathroom we went. We both got up and now he pumped faster and was close. He told me so I could watch and he shot everywhere! I finished my second round and we were so tired! This type of no-touching, just watching exchange happened a few more times, before getting even more serious. 






We were in Louisiana at a conference for a Technology Club. We were both sharing a hotel room and began our exchange as usual. All four of our previous steps, and now our show-no-touch step. Before either of us came we took a short break. As a joke I began moving my hand towards his member and he surprisingly didn't say a single word so I grabbed it. I began slowly pumping his cock up and down mumbling his gf's name so he would think of her. After a few seconds I knew he was close, so I stopped. He reached over and started slowly jacking me off mumbling my crush's name so I would think of her. (Yes both of us are straight). After exchanging both ways a few times we moved to the bathroom to 'finish'. I grabbed his cock to finish him off but was having trouble at the angle we were at so we finished ourselves off just like old times. I jacked myself and he jacked himself. I came first with a large cumshot landing on the floor, next, he shot almost beating mine! We cleaned up and had a laugh, nothing else happened since!








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