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Hot Wax Method

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This is a great technique for a hot orgasm


As I masturbate, drops of hot wax on my body can ratchet up the sexual tension amazingly. I use it for times when I'm feeling a little "bad" and want something a little kinky. It might sound strange (it did to me, until I tried it), but if you haven't tried it, I will tell you that it's an incredibly erotic experience.

Here's what I do. I strip naked of course. I collect my things---two candles, matches, lubricant, a long thick vibrator with a remote control (the remote is probably not necessary), a very firm heavy pillow, a couple of flat straps with velcro fasteners. Sometimes I watch in a mirror, sometimes not. I do sometimes like to watch myself in a mirror, but once you try this technique yourself, you will see that the mirror, in this case, isn't really necessary.

By the time I get this much done, I'm already quite excited sexually. I lubricate my clitoris and labia, strap the vibrator to the pillow, and straddle the pillow. I keep the remote in my right hand along with one of the candles.

Now I light the candles. It's exciting to watch the flames, watch the wax melt slowly, and know the sensations I'll have in just a few moments. (Tip: older candles, used a few times, are better than new ones, beause several drops of wax can pool on their flat or concave tops.) As the wax begins to pool at the tops of the candles, I tip them and let a drop of wax fall onto the top of each breast. It hurts. I touch the remote, starting the vibrator, and I rock against it gently.

I like colored candles, because the wax looks so nice. I always start near the base of the breasts, near the chest wall. Another two drops of wax, more of the vibrator. More rocking. I watch the wax drip onto my breasts, each drop a tiny ball of pain, but quickly diffused. It is very exciting to see the hot wax dot my breasts, perhaps run down toward the nipples slightly, feel the pain, while getting a deep, satisfying increase in sexual tension from the vibrator.

As the wax builds up I may get closer to orgasm than I like, so I rest for a short time. A really good masturbation might take 30 to 40 minutes (though I can do it in less than five if I want), quite a few cycles of starting and stopping. When I start again, each cycle is a little closer to the nipples. I bring the candles closer to my skin, and the wax is hotter as it strikes me. The pain is really nice and I love watching the wax drip onto me. I can turn up the frequency of the vibrator, and I can rock against it harder. I love this feeling!

As I get really close to orgasm I let drops fall onto my areola---the first two or three pairs of drops from almost a foot above the skin, then closer, until I'm just two or three inches form the areola. At this point it's important to be careful not to burn myself (I've done that!) because I'm very excited and I wouldn't necessarily feel the pain immediately.

The ultimate pleasure is a drop or two of hot wax right onto each nipple, the candle held very close to the skin. Sometimes I will grip the nipple with one hand while dripping wax from the candle in the other hand, right exactly onto the very tip of the nipple. A shock of hard pain, just for an instant. Precise placement is important for maximal effect. Then repeat with the other nipple. Wax covering each nipple, the pain very sharp. I try to hold off orgasm until the last drops hit the second nipple but sometimes I can't. Orgasm is usually immediate, very intense, a tremendous relief and release.

At the moment of orgasm, or several seconds before that, I occasionally help myself out with my left hand on my clit, one finger on each side, a very rapid up and down motion as I come. When it happens, it's really a shattering orgasm. But usually I let the vibrator do its job as the wax pain strikes home. It's that deep, satisfying connection between nipples and clit which other women have written about.

There are so many variations of this technique---candles of different hardness (the harder candles have hotter wax, more pain---fun to shop at candle stores or hobby stores and ask about different waxes, how hot they are, knowing what I'll do with them)---or lying down and dripping wax onto my body---teasing down my body as I pleasure myself, ultimately allowing drops of hot wax to contact my pubis, and at the almost-ultimate moment, right on the clit itself (for this I use the softest wax---intense pain on the clit spoils the orgasm). But usually, the breast and clit technique I described here is my favorite.

Hope somebody tries this. I promise you won't be disappointed.



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