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Hot Friend Likes To Get Naked

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This is 100% true.


This is an absolutely true story about me and my friend David. He is really good looking with blonde hair and a really fit and toned body. I always like to watch the guys get naked in the showers but had never actually seen David naked as he is not in my PE class.

Then one year David was moved to my PE class which was great as we were pretty close friends by this time. After class everyone went to the showers and I was quite excited to find out what David looked like naked. I was not disappointed. As soon as we went in to the changing room he completely stripped off and didn't even bother to wrap a towel round himself. I immediately started to feel movement down below but at this point his back was to me and I could only see his small cute butt.

When he turned round and started talking to me I could see him in all his glory. I couldn't believe how big he was and couldn't take my eyes off it. He kept on talking as if everything was normal. I should point out at this stage that David has a girlfriend and boasts about how mny times he sleeps with her. I had no doubts that he was completely straight. I on the other hand was in the closet. He went to shower but I didn't as I had a full on erection at this point. When he came back he looked even sexier wet.

About a month later we were hanging around at his house. It was getting pretty late and we decided I would just stay the night at his. I had been there loads of times but had never stayed over cause I only live a short walk from his. We both started to get ready for bed and stripped down to our boxers. His bedroom had two beds in it and I went in to one while he lay on top of the other and chatted for a while.

He was only wearing really tight small boxer shorts. He had such a nice body and you could see the shape of his penis through the boxers. Again I couldn't stop looking at it. I was really hard but was under the covers so he didn't notice. We were just talking about nothing in particular when all of a sudden he said 'why do you keep looking at my dick? Are you gay or something?'.

There was so many thoughts going through my head. Hearing him say the word 'dick' was quite a turn on. But what had he just said. Oh my god! He thinks I'm gay! I just laughed it off and said 'No'.

'You kept staring at me in the showers a few weeks ago' he said. He had a huge grin on his face. 'I don't mind if your gay. Do you want to see my cock again?'

I laughed and said of course not. 'I'm not gay'.

What happened next I will never forget. He suddenly just stood up and pulled down his boxers. His big dick just flopped out and was displayed in all its glory. Standing completely butt naked he said 'Touch it if you want'. This was an opportunity I just could not miss. I touched it and started to massage it. It didn't get hard which was alright cause it was really nice to feel this hot and heavy length in my hand.

He told me to stop and to lie back down. I would have done anything he told me to do. When I was on the bed he climbed on and put both legs on either side. He then started to rub his cock all over my face. It was still really floppy but was starting to get hard.

Then I heard the door open and in walked his mum. I was mortified. But all she said was 'Are you two boys having fun?'. I didn't understand. David didn't seem to pay the slightest attention and just kept doing what he was doing. He smiled at me and said 'It's all right, my mum watches me wank all the time'. I was stunned.

His mum said 'Yes, David here is quite the exhibitionist. He likes to show off.' She sat on Davids bed and just watched. David then started wanking while I just stared. He eventually cummed all over me. He then continued in the shower (without his mum watching thank god) with him wanking me and me wanking him. I still couldn't believe what was actually going on.

We both slept in the same bed absolutely naked (needless to say we didn't get much sleep). In the morning David said that we shouldn't put any clothes on and that his mum wouldn't mind if we spent the day butt naked. We progressed on from just wanking each other to other things far more exciting. Sometimes his mum would watch which was actually qite a turn on.



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