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Hot Doctor

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I always love getting the hot doctor or nurse


About a month ago, I had helped a cousin move and had to lift some heavy items. A few days later I was having an extreme pain which I was told by some friends could be a hernia and I was told I should get it looked at. At the time, I didn't have a regular doctor so I opted instead on the emergency room the following day. The hospital was brand new but in a questionable neighborhood but it was close. After filling out the paperwork I waited to be called. The whole time I figured I was gonna have my balls looked at, as I remember the turn your head and cough tests from sports. I hadn't jerked off in a few days (I hadn't been alone in awhile), so I figured the potential for getting hard was there, I would just try to relax and not worry about it, after all, it happens.

When I was finally called, I went into this little room and the nurse came and took my vitals and all that, then the doctor came in. She was in her mid 30's I would say, and looked almost exactly like Sarah Silverman. My head did a 360 when I saw her. She did the usual tests and questions and then asked if I had pain in my testicles. Then she said 'it doesn't matter, with any injury like this I need to check your crotch'. I could already feel tingles brewing.

Then the pants came off and she felt my waist and balls. Now I said I hadn't jerked in a few days, but when I am REALLY horny, I precum like crazy. Ever since I was 13. So, I start precumming like a volcano. She finishes looking at my balls and pulls my boxers up for me. Then she asks me if I'm sexually active and all that to which I reply yes. Then she says 'You have a discharge coming from your penis, I'd like to get a swab to make sure you don't have an std'. My heart sank. I tried arguing my point but she wouldn't hear it.

I figured it had to be pretty obvious it was precum, but maybe that's what they test for for some std's, I don't know. She returned with the metal swab opened it and asked me to remove my shorts. I was laying on a hospital bed she reached over and took MY COCK IN HER ONE HAND and the metal swab in the other. I started to get a halfy and drip a little, she shot me a kinda amused look then inserted. I squirmed, the pain.

God did it hurt. I looked down, my hard cock with a metal swab in the pee hole, me squirming and her holding my dick. Then she withdrew it and told me I was going to go for an ultra sound.

So I waited for a nurse to bring me to the other side of the hospital for the test. I thought they were going to look at my waist but when I arrived this very pretty spanish girl, in her early 20's told me she was going to perform the test. Then I found out the doctor had felt something on my balls so now I was told I was getting my balls ultra sounded. Cold jelly was applied, I had to pull my dick up to my stomach, cover it with a towel as I laid down. The girl continued the test for about 20-30 minutes. She would touch and hold my balls and the bulge under the towel would get bigger and stickier. When we were done I asked her what I should do with the towel and she told me to clean myself and throw it on the floor (no way she was touching it lol).

I was taken back to the other end of the hospital to my exam room. I waited for results until I eventually had to pee. The bathroom was next to my exam room, so I dipped in there. Looking down, I noticed gel still on my cock. After I peed I figured god knows how much longer its gonna be, so I may as well go for it, I'm already lubed! So I jerked off. God did it feel good. I tried to keep pretty quiet but had a moan here or there and shot a massive load in the toilet. WHAT RELIEF. I cleaned up and returned to the exam room. A few minutes later doctor returned, as I recalled her hands on me she asks how I am feeling because she heard me struggling a bit in the bathroom. I assured her everything was okay, I was given my test results (nothing serious, maybe pulled muscle) and gave me a prescription. Then she said I could get dressed and I could go home. She wished me well and said 'I hope you feel better' with a sly cute as hell smile. I thanked her, and went to change. That's when I noticed a lump of cum on my hospital gown. I had missed it and it was there. I think I turned beat red, I was glad I was alone. Had she seen? How obvious did it look when I was laying there? I got dressed and left, looking forward to the memories of me in her hands to get me off time and time again.



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