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Hot And Uncut

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Hey, i've read a lot of stories and now I have one to submit.The other weekend I had my best buddy Joe sleeping over. We were doing the usual things like playing video games and watching movies. We went online to look at some porn. I had decided I was interested in experimenting sexually with Joe so I made sure the porn we looked at had guys involved - I particularly made sure handjobs and blowjobs were shown. I was really horny and I knew I wanted to get some action with Joe. I bravely asked if he would mind me wanking, we had never even seen each other naked before so it was quite a big step. He replied that it would be ok.I pulled my trousers down to the floor and my 6 inch erection was pressing against my boxer shorts which I then slid off. My thick erection pointed straight up and I began to play around with it. I began to jerk it properly but slowly and I knew the only way I could take it further was while I was really turned on. I knew Joe was watching my show so I simply said 'would you please give me a handjob?' Joe looked unsure and so I hastily added it would remain between us and if he didn't like it he could stop. He agreed.I pushed my swivel chair back and spread my legs allowing good access to my cock. Joe followed my lead and got down on the floor in front of me. 'here goes' said Joe as he reached for my throbbing cock. Joe launched into a full on handjob without any kind of playing around which is was a bit disappointed about. I loved him having his hand around my uncut hard dick and after about 5 minutes I shot a load on to Joe's hand. He didn't look to sure what to do with it so I grabbed his hand and put it to my mouth and licked it off - I love to swallow my own load.I decided I wanted some of Joe so I asked him 'would you like me to give you a handjob now?' Joe said he wanted me to very much. So I got on the floor and Joe got on the chair. I pulled his trousers off and went to pull his boxers down and thats when I found out. Joe had a nice 7 inch cut cock. He had never mentioned his cock had been cut. I realised this would be a problem for giving him a handjob as we did not have any form of lube in my room. It was too risky to get something from somewhere else in the house and thats when it occurred to me...i looked at Joe and said I know how to lube it...i proceeded to lick my lips. Joe caught on and smiled. I started to lick Joe's lovely cock. The taste of cock was not new to me as I have often sucked on myself. But there was something really hot about taking a 7inch cut cock into my mouth and jacking along the shaft at the same time. The problem was I enjoyed it too much and so I sucked really hard and as a result Joe didn't last very long and I finally got to swallow someone else's load.We had a very enjoyable time that night and continue to do so. To all of you lads who might feel a bit unsure about these kind of things - do it with a good friend you trust and it'll be fantastic.Also - we want to try eating each others holes but are not too sure how its usually done and are worried about eating poo so any advice would be appreciated.Thanx 4 your time and keep on doing things to make you feel good.



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