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Hmm Where to start?

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Iíve read a lot here, but never written anything before. I donít know if this sites for me, but I like the idea of exposing myself! 


Ok...so....dance degrees put a lot of girls together, usually in little more than leotards and leggings, and sometimes, as I discovered last summer not even that! Maybe Iíll say more about that another time. 

So, last September, beginning of term, and weíre all sitting on the floor of the dance studio listening to a lecture! I thought it would all be practical, but apparently not. Soon, the atmosphere became quite hot and stuffy and, well....thereís no other way to say this really...I could smell other girls around me...you know...THAT smell. 

One girl in particular was sitting with her knees up and her arms wrapped around them. I could clearly see her crotch, and equally clearly see a little dark patch. For some reason I got turned on. At that point, Iíd never done anything with another girl, or even thought about it, and I didnít know her either, so for all I knew she might have had sex last night.

I became fascinated by the scent and sight of her crotch. At one point she moved ever so slightly, and the leotard pulled away a little, enough for me to catch a quick look at a pussy lip. My own pussy seemed to leap and I suddenly felt myself getting wet! Embarrassed, much!

The lecture droned on, and all I could think of was this girl and me, last night. For the first time since I moved to Uni, I had masturbated. I had a boyfriend back home but we agreed to split when we both went to different Unis. I missed his cock, so I had to rub one out. I got very wet....as wet as this girl! I just couldnít stop looking. All I wanted to do was reach over and touch her. 

So, the lecture ended and the practical session began. Fucking hell it was hard work! By lunchtime, we were all sweating like crazy. 

So, most of the girls went back to their hostels, but I had come equipped with my washbag and towel and a change of clothes. I saw her (later found our she was Rachel) also going to the showers in the studio. I went to the toilet first, and discovered firsthand just how wet I was! Panty liners in leotards? Hmmm. Maybe. 

When I entered the changing room, I saw Rachelís leotard hung up and heard the shower running in the furthest cubicle. I donít know why, but I ran my fingers into the crotch of her leotard. She was every bit as wet as I thought, and more. 

I ducked into a shower stall and smelled my fingers. I almost passed out! This wave of erotic pleasure slapped me so hard. Before I knew it, I was smelling her on my fingers and rubbing myself as if my life depended on it! When I came, something happened because there was suddenly water running down my thighs. 

I actually sucked my finger....where Rachel was. 

As I said, Iíve never had a single thought about another girl in that way....I thought I liked cock way too much for that, but I canít doubt that the scent of her gave me the most powerful cum Iíve ever had. 

I timed my shower so I left my stall when I heard Rachel leave hers. I had a towel wrapped around me, but Rachel was totally naked. She has a tall, lean body, and not a trace of hair down below. I wanted her to see me naked too but I was too chicken. 

As I write this, Iím getting horny again just thinking about it. I donít know if Rachel was deliberately letting me see her body, or if sheís just comfortable being naked around other dancers. I so want to see her again.



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