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Highway Driving Fun

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I have been reading SoloTouch for quite some time now.. and I thought with today's happenings this would be an ideal time to kick off my contributions!
I had an awesome experience today. I was driving home from a friend's place, and seeing as though I had a bit of time to kill & I was horny I decided to masturbate through my clothes. I have done this numerous times before, and had lots and lots of fun! But this was the first time I was conscious that one female driver in particular was playing along.
I was driving down the highway, and I was in the right hand lane & she was in the left. I was slowly edging my car up past her to give her the best view possible of me enjoying myself, and within 30 seconds she had sped off quite a distance in front of me. At first I took this as a sign that she was disinterested.. so I found another couple of drivers and did the same thing. Some like to hover and have a bit of a look for a while then turn off, and others just either change lanes or slow down if they don't like it.
This girl which sped off - I was starting to edge up a bit closer to her now and we were in the same lane. She was directly in front of me and I know that she would have had a nice view of me in her rear view mirror. She put her indicator on as to move over so I sped up a little so we could become even. I was playing with myself still through my clothes, but making quite a lot of movement and panting, biting my lip when things got a bit hotter if I knew she was watching.
This continued for a bit and then she dropped back because she had to change lanes to overtake a slower person.. so I also changed lanes - so we swapped positions. This gave me a great view from her passenger side into her seat and I could see that one hand was resting on top of her crotch.
This lane swapping went on for maybe 10-15 minutes and by this time I was so horny! Here was this lady, getting off on me getting off while we both drove down the highway! How much more sexually arousing can you get..
After I noticed her hand on top of her crotch she looked over towards me I think expecting my eyes to be on the road and masturbating but I was looking at her and our eyes met briefly and it seemed like we both let out a moan at that moment.
We swapped lanes once more which left her with a final view of me masturbating. She came up right beside me and we were both going at the same speed. I looked over to her and her hand closest to me I couldn't see but she was bouncing around on her seat and definitely having a good time!
God I wish there were more drivers like that!
I have been masturbating before while driving and thought that there may have been a chance the female driver of another car may be masturbating too.. but this was such a definite turn on!
Just before she changed into my lane behind me she looked over at me and our eyes met again. Then she turned onto another street. She looked as though she was wearing work clothes, so I may travel the same route again sometime soon and try see if she's around for a bit more fun ;)



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