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Hernia Exam by Female Medical Student Doctor

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I was referred to the clinic for further treatment and examination. Here is what happened.


I went to the doctor because I had a familiar pain in my groin that felt just like a hernia I had repaired some years ago. I think she wanted me out of her office because she simply referred me to the clinic at the nearby hospital for further examination.

I arrived at the clinic and checked in. They were very busy behind the desk and I could tell something was going on. It turned out they were rotating the exam rooms to another wing. They were expanding, and it was day one of the new use of the exam rooms across the hall. The hustle and shuffle of patients and nurses made it hard to tell what patient was going with which nurse and to what exam room. I didn’t mind at first because all I wanted was some answers to the source of the pain and discomfort I was in.

Anyway, on to the good parts of my story. The nurse does her vitals on me in the triage room they have set up, then walks me down the hall and has me step up on the scale for weight and height. She then turns around and ushers me into the exam room. She tells me to sit in the chair and someone will be in shortly. She leaves and closes the door. I begin my quiet chant to send in the hot female doctor that was in the hall talking to the older male doctor. There is a soft whispery type of knock on the door, YES! I think I know who it is. But then again, it could be the older, heavy set grumpy looking female doctor as well. She opens the door and my chant worked. The hot young female doctor comes in and introduces herself as Doctor Rachael.

Doctor Rachael asks to tell her why I am there. I go about how I have a similar pain on my left side as I once did on my right side, prior to the hernia repair. She goes over other symptoms and medications. She then stands up and moves in closer to me, and tells me to remove my pants and sit on the exam chair, and she will be right back in as she pulls the privacy screen and leaves the room. I remove my pants, not wearing underwear and was provided no gown. I sit on the paper lining the exam chair and await her return. I can hear her outside the door talking to a male doctor. She repeats my symptoms and my history and tells him she will do a hernia exam and report her findings back to him. I hear him say he will go in with her. She knocks on the door and they come back in.

She tells me she will lower the back and ask me to lay down. As I lay back I pull my shirt up my mid torso and she puts on gloves, quicker than I have ever seen anyone put on gloves. She bends over and her face is now mere inches from my penis. I stare at her as she makes her assessment. I also notice in the background the male doctor sits down and rolls over to the corner and can see my face and what she is doing. She pokes and prods here and there. She speaks out loud to the doctor. He asks a few questions, she reexamines me again. He tells her that is fine with him. He is however going to take over and ask me to stand up. He explains to her it is much better in this position because gravity will help her assess the areas better than with the patient on his back. She tells him she has never done this type of GU exam on a real patient before, only on the dummy in the lab at school. He digs in and has me bear down, turn my head and cough, then repeats it the other side. She asks him to show her again, because his head got in her way. He repeats the right side, she says she has it now.

There is a knock at the door. The friendly nurse walks half in the room. There I stand, half naked with a female doctor looking over the shoulder of the male doctor holding part of my junk in his hand. The nurse informs the doctor he is needed in another room right away. He stands up and tells me he feels no hernia, while removing his gloves. He tells her to go ahead and continue, he will be right back in. She again looks at me and requests permission to try it again on me with me standing up. She starts poking around again, but not the same way the male doctor was. I have been in this predicament before and decide it is time for me to step up and help the young bourgeoning doctor get some real hands on experience here.  I tell her she needs to find the inguinal canal and press up, not just in to my body. She asks if this way is better? I show her with my own finger, I tell her to feel under my finger, the cavity, press in there and up and over. She follows instruction very well. She has me turn and cough again for her. She releases and asks if that was right? I nod my head. She moves over to the other side and before I can get my finger in place she is already going in there. She tells me to cough. She then stands back, still looking down at my penis and says she does not feel any hernia either and asks if there is anything else bothering me.

I repeat my initial concern was for the area above the testicle and along side of my inner hip area, but the last few days it seems like it traveled as well down into my scrotum. She takes a knee in front of me and tells me she will start with the other side first. She cups my testicle in her hand and gently rolls it around. She asks if I have ever felt and bumps or concerns with my testicles. I admit I had a bump that turned out to be nothing a few years ago near the bottom of that testicle. She continues her examination more closely. She reaches up the spermatic cord and into my body a bit. I jerk away from her a bit. She apologizes. She then tells me she will now move over to the other testicle. She repeats her gentle rolling of my testicle. She finds the cords and notices this side is much bigger. She reaches over and grabs the first testicle and does a comparison, then repeats the process of comparing the sperm cords. She tells me the left one is bigger feeling than the right one. I tell her it usually is like that for some reason. She takes another 20 seconds and examines my genitals a little more.

She leans back and looks up at me and tells me there is nothing she can tell going on. (If only she knew, as my penis starts to grow a bit). She then asks me what other tests doctors have done on me in the past. I tell her normally during my annual physical the doctor will palpate my penis shaft for signs of bruising or plaque buildup.  She again asks me to show her. I take the tips of my fingers and dig into the very base of my (now expanding) penis and palpate down the shaft. She takes over and tries it out. I then offer up the doctor then splits open my meatus and looks for discharge or sores. She does just so but tilts her head back and forth looking closely at it as if she does see something inside the opening. She releases my penis, but it doesn’t exactly fall back down, it just hangs there, midair.  I can see she smirks a bit before looking up at me with a straight face. She asks what is next. I tell her some doctors will palpate the sides and through my pubic hair as well. She does so herself. She then stands up and again asks what else. I say, at this time the doctor usually does a DRE on me. She looks over at the counter and opens the drawer, there are three large tubes of KY Jelly there. She picks up the one that looks somewhat used and tells me to turn around.

Before she can say anything else I take my chances and see the opening for being on all fours for this exam. I kneel on the low flat exam table and bend over. She is just putting the tube back in the drawer and closing it, when I look back and see her turn towards me. She shrugs her shoulders and tilts her head a bit. She reaches out and spreads my cheeks and asks me to bear down. She asks me to hold it for a second and then I feel her lubed finger make a gently circle around my bud. She tells me to hold on as she presses her finger in. She reaches around with a finger sweep and pulls out. She says she will grab me a tissue as I begin to stand up on the floor and turn around to see her removing the dirty glove and grabbing a box of tissues from the counter. I swallow my pride and almost scold her with a ‘that’s not how it is done!” remark. She stares at me like I a lunatic who is there half naked and yelling at her. I attempt to apologize, and she cuts me off by asking what was wrong with that? I inform her the prostate is the size of a walnut and texture of a nose or ear. She asks me to elaborate some. I cut to the chase and have her place her hands next to each other. I take my bare finger and press on the heel of her palm and trace my finger up the side and down the middle before repeating the trace on the opposite side. I tell her to first feel for the prostate, then get your bearings, and feel up and down each side and the middle. Note any bumps or hard places. Then feel around the top, if she can reach it. I tell her to re-glove and retry. She puts on a new glove. I assume my all fours stance on the table. I begin to think if the male doctor comes in right now, we might have some explaining to do. She reaches back in and feels around. She asks if this is it. I tell her yes, it is. She feels around, several times, back and forth. She reaches in further and gets the top of the prostate and runs her finger along it.

She withdraws her finger as I stand back up expecting the tissues. She looks at me and says in school they were told to have the guy bend over the table. I tell her that some doctors have done that with me in the past, I guess it is personal preference. She asks if we can try it in that position as well. I turn around and bend over. She repeats the process. I stand back up and turn and face her. She is just standing there looking at me. I jump at my chance and tell her the only other way I have heard about was laying down with my legs up like they were in a gyno chair.  She looks at the table and says there are no knee rests on this type of table, but to lay down and lift my knees up. There I lay, looking through my legs, with my almost full erect penis in the way of her pretty face. She reaches back in and only does a quick trace around and withdraws.

She then apologizes for giving me an erection, she did not intend that to happen. I tell her it is not fully erect and it is no problem, that it happens sometimes. She removes her gloves and hands me the box of tissues. She cleans her hands as I wipe the excess lube form my backdoor. She is still staring at my penis. She begins drying her hands and asks me if it was erect, could she still do the exam on me. I almost asked her if she was referring to a male in general or me specifically? I tell her that erections are common and happen from time to time and her best bet is to either ignore it or leave the room for a few minutes. She asks if it will become fully erect or will it go back down? Again I wanted to ask which did she prefer, but I did not. Instead for some unknown reason I turned away form her and stroked it about five times and got it erect. I turn back to her and she just stares at it. I break the awkward silence and tell her it is also possible to check for pyronie’s or plaque buildup in this condition, so not to be afraid of it. She reaches out and palpates the middle section for two or three squeezes and jerks her hand away. I tell her if she wants to learn something new today, if she feels down the shaft and into the body a bit she can feel the penis actually starts inside the body. She feels down my shaft and presses in like she did earlier when incorrectly palpating for a hernia.

She tells me to get dressed while she types up some notes in my record. I left that examination room with a massive erection. I walked quickly around the hospital and found a bathroom stall.  



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