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Her Pleasure

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Just one of my simple and humble experiences with my girlfriend. One of the things I love is giving pleasure to a partner.


My girlfriend and I, who I will name Lorraine, were dating for over a month. We discussed and agreed that we wouldn't rush into sex too soon, since Lorraine was a virgin, inexperienced and not a very sexual person. We were good with kissing, holding hands and hugs. I was happy, content with her and that naturally would get me hard. There were points I moved my hand on her waist, her leg and even caressed her breast and stimulated her nipples. She didn't know how to react and was quite shy, but didn't protest or feel uncomfortable against my advances; in fact her only complaint was when I used my tongue as we kissed.

One evening in August, we met at a park near her house after we finished work. We sat under a tree, shared kisses, laughs and stories about our day. At some point before this night, she nicknamed me the Hand Wander jokingly noting my preference to fondle her. At Lorraines suggestion, we moved to a shelter deeper in the park and sat on a bench. Somewhere that was more isolated and according to her, a spot where some kids used to smoke marijuana. I held her as we conversed and watched the sky go dark, occasionally seeing other walkers pass by.

After a while, I decided it was time for me to head home. As we stood up, I grabbed her close to me and passionately kissed her. My hands moved down from her back, further down her waist, feeling her butt cheeks as she placed her arms around my neck. I squeezed and caressed her shapely and soft cheeks, moving one hand around her leg and reaching in between. At this point, I was afraid she would reject my advances, but as I slowly stroked and rubbed her vulva, her arms tightened and her kisses became longer and intense.

Empowered by the pleasure I was giving her, I pulled down her tights and knickers slightly and pressed my fingers deeper into her, where I gathered her wetness and focused it on her clit. As we broke free from our kiss, she rested her head and face into my chest, catching her breath and enjoying the moment. At that moment, I kept my other hand on her arse, listening to the squelching noise of her gushing pussy and focused on the rhythm of my fingers.

I gently turned her and pushed her back, letting her sit down on the bench and got down on my knees, pulling down her knickers and tights all the way down to her ankles. At first nervously she asked me to stop, but being overexcited as I was, I replied, "Trust me, pretty please" and let out a warm breath against her vulva and proceeded to eat her pussy.

Opening her legs wider, I struggled to find her clit since it was dark, but she moaned "there" once I had found it. Licking and swirling my tongue, she began to tremble from the sensations and from the cold, prompting me to place my hands on her thighs which I massaged, trying to keep her warm. She put her hands around my head and her fingers running through my hair, the strength of her grip fluctuated. I was overwhelmed by the taste of her pussy and listened to her moans of intensity and exhilaration as her body writhed and squirmed.

Deep down, I was nervous. She eventually shuddered and came and I helped her up and pulled up her knickers and tights. We slowly headed home, arm-in-arm, and were both smiling and at a loss for words. I just didn't want to say anything stupid, cheesy or cliche.

Lorraine eventually broke the silence by saying she never thought she would accept cunnilingus because she thought the idea of it was gross. All I could do was laugh nervously at the irony.



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