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Her Name Was Tina

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Co-workers playing at work.  Flirting turns more aggressive


She worked with me in a two-person office in 1978.  We were on the second floor and not dependent on walk in trade so the office door was locked unless we expected someone.  She was a single mom my age.  We went to school together. She was of Latin heritage and had beautiful mocha skin, beautiful black hair, full lips and perky B cups breasts with silver dollar sized areolas and nice stiff nipples.  The small office had desks opposite each other.  Her blouse was always unbuttoned at least two buttons and her tits were easily visible since she did not wear a bra and her nipples always were erect. I often would go over to discuss something and I was able to look down her blouse.   I would get hard looking and I am sure not she didn't do this on purpose.  I would go sit at my desk to let my cock calm down.

One day I was in the private bathroom jerking off while looking at a magazine I kept in there and she walked in.  I had neglected to lock the door and she saw me with cock in hand.  She froze but did not leave.  I said this is your fault and stood up with my cock sticking out to bring it close to her.  I asked her to help me fix the problem.  She hesitated but then she started to jerk me.  After a few minutes she leaned over and sucked me off to a glorious orgasm.  She swallowed it all and I offered to do her but she said not today.

About two days later I told her I needed help with a problem.  She looked up me and smiled.  She got up, walked over to me and I dropped my pants to make it easier.  I sat at my desk.  She was wearing a skirt while she started sucking my cock I moved my hand under her dress to touch her pussy.  Her panties were hot and damp and I told her so.  I moved her panties aside and saw my first closely shaved pussy.  I made her stop and lift up her dress so I could see it better.  I pulled her panties down so I could get a better look.  Her labia minora - inner lips - protruded slightly from her outer lips.  Her mons was slightly rounded and her almost smooth pussy was delightful to see.  I told her she had a beautiful pussy and sehe smiled.  I asked her to bend over and let me see her ass and she would do that often.  It was smooth, pink and totally hairless.  Excepr for the hair on her pussy, she was smooth.  When she would bend over I would kiss her ass and she would smile.    I wanted to lick her ass and her pussy but she said no.  So I rubbed her slit and her lips were moist but I had to be happy with rubbing her while she resumed sucking my cock.  

I made sure I got my blowjob in the morning in case she had an appointment in the afternoon and I did not want to miss it.  I always asked her to drop her panties and let me smell her before we started.  It got to the point where she would come in the office, go to the bathroom and take off her panties.  That way she was ready.  I always tried to lick her or finger her but she was no.  I decided I would not force things as I loved the blowjobs, love smelling her pussy, loved rubbing her slit and having the smell on my finger.  Once I came we were done she was a giver only.  After the second week of this process, I would get a blowjob every other day for 2 years.  I would jerk off every afternoon as I had her smell on my finger.      

To this day I do not understand her logic.  She gladly sucked my cock without complaint and she took my load and swallowed it completely.  She would take off her panties so I could rub her pussy, smell it and smell her ass but I could not finger her.  I think she would go into the bathroom after we finished and jill off herself.  I hated it to end but I jerked off many times since.  I will do so again - now.



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