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Her Gyrating Hips Pushed Her Wet Labia Against My Thigh. An Unusual Massage Technique In A London Sauna.

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My first story about my years in London, when I was regularly visiting massage parlours, was published in Solotouch under the heading: "Massage Parlour- A different experience when roles are reversed."


My second story is about a tiny and very lively young woman called Toni who had become a masseuse because she was a student earning money to pay her way through college. She was chatty and attractive, but she had a surprising massage technique which meant that she enjoyed the experience as much as I did.

It was an unusual style of massage but very effective. 

This story is about a tiny and very lively young woman called Toni who welcomed me into the 'Sauna'. We quickly agreed on the price for her services and she continued to chat to me while I undressed. She took me into a small room that was very warm, with mock candles flickering in each corner, and the smell of aromatic oils suffusing the air. As I climbed onto the massage table, she started to tell me all about herself. She was a student at one of the London colleges studying sciences, I can’t remember which branch. She said she was able to pay her way through college by doing massages three evenings a week. 



Toni was very cute - petite with dark curly hair, dark brown eyes, and an attractive smiling face with bright red lipstick. She wore a sexy, short, white tunic which was unzipped most of the way down to her navel revealing her breasts. She was a small woman but I was surprised to see that her boobs were surprisingly long and drooping with large areolae and dark nipples.  But I could tell she was fit. Her tanned body was taught and muscular. 



As usual, for the first part of the massage, I lay face down on the table. Toni poured warm oil onto her hands which, as a result of all the massages she had given, were unusually strong for a small young woman. Without stopping her chatter, she massaged my legs, my back and then started to pay attention to my bum with a circular motion in which, with each orbit of my glutes, her hands slipped between my legs and brushed against my balls. 



She asked me to roll-over and lay on my back, while she removed her tunic. Then she pulled down her thong and stepped out of the flimsy threads of cloth displaying her beautiful trimmed-bushy pubes. I have always found dark, trimmed pubes very sexy so when I saw her dark triangle, and especially after the close attention given to my bum and perineum by Toni's expert strokes, my cock started to swell.



Then she announced, “This table is too high for me” and climbed onto the table and on top of me. No masseuse in my experience had done this before, or since, so I was slightly shocked but pleasantly surprised because it meant I could see her much better and there was body to body contact. She straddled my legs so that she could lean forward to massage my chest so that her breasts were hanging down and brushing against my rising cock. I loved having that view of her long pendulous tits. I could feel her pressing her cunt against my legs while she ran her hands over my chest and then down to hold my cock. We were approaching the 'happy ending' (which I had asked for and paid the premium price) and my cock was standing ready for her hands to grasp the shaft.



“You’ve got very muscly legs” she said, “They’re hard as iron. Are you runner or a cyclist?”


“A runner,” I said proudly, delighted that she had complimented me on my well-muscled thighs. My wife also liked my muscly legs and would press herself against them. It made all those hours of training worthwhile.


I opened my legs so that she could run her hands around my balls and between my legs. She shifted herself so that her cunt was pushing against my thigh, which I could feel was increasingly wet as she gyrated against me. Finally she had stopped talking as she flattened her cunt against my thigh muscle and pushed it open using her strong core muscles. Was this some new variety of Pilates, I wondered? If it is, sign me up! 



Her hips rotated to create more friction against my leg. She moved in time to the action of her hand and fingers on my cock. As she sensed I was getting close, she accelerated both stroking of her fingers on my cock and her moist labia against my leg. It was not long before she and I arrived at a very satisfying climax. I spurted semen which shot into the air like a rocket being launched at Cape Canaveral. Whether she achieved an orgasm I am not sure, but she was very close. I was distracted by own messy climax, but I sensed that she was taking great pleasure from her professional activities. With a cute smile on her face, she wiped us both down with some tissues paying gentle attention to my cock while I lay relaxed and happy and reluctant to move. After a decent interval she helped me climb off the bed.



She certainly knew how to take care of herself while pleasing her client. I paid her a bonus above the price we had agreed, but I left hoping that I didn't recognise her in one my lectures. That would be too much of a distraction.








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