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Her Ears (2)

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Continuing on from last time...

We were walking back to the car park and she said that she had a little trick to show me, so we stopped for a moment. I was waiting for it but she was just standing there, with a grin on her face. It was then I saw that she was wiggling her ears, not a huge amount but still they were wiggling. I burst out laughing.

'That's so cool!' I said.

Not only was it cool, it was pretty cute and maybe a little hot too. So we kept on walking to the car. When we got to the car I was quite surprised, both at the car itself and the number plate. The car's a '69 Ford Mustang, amazingly preserved for it's age and that the wheels weren't 'upgraded' to the big flash rim, low profile tyres, they were still stock but it was still in great shape and nice and clean. The Number plate on the other hand, it said 'POINTY'. I had to laugh at that.

After getting into the car, I was excited and not because of the car I was in. The sheer excitement and awesome nature of the car was overidden by the events that happened with Sarah and what potentially was to come.

Driving our way out of the city, whenever we stopped at traffic lights, I noticed she played with her ears, mostly around the tips of her ear and the piercing. Whether it was just the glove itself or she always did that, I wasn't sure. I was finding her increasingly more and more attractive.

'It's about an hour drive once we get out of the city, so you can sleep for a bit if you want' she said to me.

An hour huh? I don't think I could wait that long. The things I wanted to do to her, could barely wait moments let alone an hour. Fortunately traffic wasn't that busy and we were out of the city in about 15-20 minutes. During that time I kept thinking about the evening over and over again. Whenever we stopped at lights I wanted to play with her ears but I wasn't sure if that was a good idea or not, either she'd freak out or we'd start making out there and then. Probably neither but I played it safe. Just before we left the city we stopped to fill up the tank.

I waited in the car and while doing so I saw her phone. Self control lost and I picked it up. Her wallpaper was some half naked elf. Not a male elf, a female elf. That was kinda hot, though she probably goes for the images that look better over what sex the character is. I found her photos. Not many actually, mostly just of her ears and a few images of her friends/family. I noticed that the pointy ear trait kind of ran in the family but her ears were by far the most prominent. I put the phone back before she got back from paying at the counter but I wasn't sneaky enough, as when she gets back she says 'Find anything interesting?' with a smirk on her face.


Though I come back with 'Nothing I haven't seen before' referring to her. We chatted idly for a little while until we were cruising down the highway. I settled in the seat and just closed my eyes. All I could think about was what could happen. My mind raced through all kinds of things from crazy, freaky sex to mild foreplay and masturbation.

After a little while I felt a hand on my leg. She was just resting her hand on there, occasionally rubbing up and down more or less like a comfort thing. I eventually grabbed her hand. The leather was soft and warm. It was nice, we just held each others hand for a while. She let go a little later, probably because it was safer to drive with two hands on the wheel anyway. We were turning off the highway and going onto a regular road again. I could see faint lights on what looked like farmhouses.

'Not far now, just past a couple houses and we're there.' she told me.

We were going past some large properties but Sarah's place was a smaller one, only about 10 acres supposedly. Arriving at the front of the property, there was a little elf figure ontop of the mailbox. Driving up driveway there were little elf gnomes. It was then I could really tell she was into elves and pointy ears.

After getting out of the car, I started stretching as I hadn't got a chance to stretch since the amusement park. While I was doing that she came up behind me and kissed me on my right ear. She started giggling. I went over and gave her a bear hug of sorts. It was then that I playfully 'eating' her ear. Then I started sucking her ear again. She changed, she went from giggling school girl to aroused little kitten. Close and intimate, I was sucking her ear pretty well this time, after the first time I knew what I was doing a bit more. It was a couple minutes I was doing it then she pulled away.

'Let's save that for now' she said with a smile.

Walking to the front door, she was playing with the ear that I was just sucking on. I knew now this was her 'G-spot' of sorts, or at the very least, it was like a scratch that makes a dog do that leg thing when it's a good spot, you go for that spot and without fail it happens. Getting in the front door we kicked off our shoes/boots and made our way over to the couch. Looking at the house it was beautifully presented, though again, the recurring theme was pointed ear characters in paintings and ornaments and so on. I sat on one side of the couch, with a pillow behind me on the arm and had my feet on the couch. There was another couch but she decided to sit more or less in my lap, laying on me as well. Her head was at about my chest, we were just lying there for a while, relaxing.

'Can you massage my ears?'

'All of it or just the top part?'

'Whatever you want, you seem to be pretty good at whatever you do with 'em'.

I started massaging the tips of her ears with just my index fingers and thumbs. Making my way up and down the ears slowly. She became more relaxed again almost straight away. Her hands were slowly making their way down to her crotch, she was starting to enjoy it more. At her ear lobes they seemed to get less of a reaction than up near the points, more so near the piercings too. It was almost like masturbation in itself. Work towards the more sensitive part for pleasure and then work the other parts too just to extend it.

Not sure if she was trying to hide it or not but after about 10 minutes I could tell she was fingering or playing with her pussy to some degree. I noticed she still had those gloves on, whether or not now it was still from the events of earlier in the evening that she wanted to keep going or she liked masturbating with them, I wasn't sure. I started feeling sleepy but I continued massaging her ears. My imagination started to wander, I was imagining that the more I massaged her ears the bigger and longer her points would become and I was starting to get turned on. It was at about that time that I was starting to drift off so I'm not sure if I was just dreaming it or I was actually becoming hard. Either way, I remember Sarah getting more heavy in the breathing and a little more movement down below.

I was seriously drifting in and out but I still had a pretty good idea what was going on. I saw that her ears were starting to get a little red, mostly because there was no lubrication as it was just skin on skin for a while now. I was more awake now at this point and I stopped. She stopped for a moment too, sat up and took out her earrings and put them on the coffee table and laid back on me, only this time now her head was closer to mine, so I could do the next obvious thing. She seemed to favour her right ear over the left, whether it was just a matter of positioning or there was more sensitivity in that ear, I didn't ask.

I started sucking on her ear again, though a little bit softer than before. It was kind of strange seeing as the piercing wasn't there but it also made it easier. I was also starting to get a few light moans from her so by now she was really into it. Satisfying her was more pleasurable than getting pleasured myself, at least for the time being. I just couldn't believe that I had gone from feeling like a bashful high school crush to sucking on her ear while she fingered herself. I was starting to feel a bit sleepy again so the sucking became a little bit more ranodom. The more I dozed off, the slower I did it, until I stopped then I would wake up enough to start it again. This would happen a few times and I think just the randomness of it actually helped her to get her off a bit more. One thing was for sure, there was enough saliva on her ear though I did try to wipe most of it off so it didn't run down any further onto her, not that at that point in time she really cared I guess.

Last thing I remember before falling asleep was her moans. They were getting heavier and a little louder. Just before I fell asleep I looked down to see what she was doing, her skirt had been flipped up and I could see that she wasn't even wearing any underwear, pretty clean and shaven but most of the area was covered by those red gloves, fingers dancing around her pussy, one hand playing with her clitoris, or at least that's what I thought she was doing and the other hand doing the fingering.

I wanted to stay awake for longer, to see where this would lead but I would have to wait till the morning where it would get better.



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