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Helping Heather Hit A Trifecta

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One of the girls from my Temple of Onan 2 story goes wild and I’m included…Yay!!

In the later 70s, my parents’ house became somewhat of a summer hangout for me, my sister, and some of our friends. My dad was on the road a lot and my mom liked our company. It was a glorious Vancouver summer and people were coming and going by the house all the time.


Early one afternoon (a Saturday I think, but can’t be sure, passage of time and all that) I had gone to my old room to roll a few doobies for the day. As I left I passed by the downstairs rec room and looked through the door which had been left open. On the couch were my best friend Dean, then 20, and my sister’s best friend Heather, then 18. Dean never tired of bragging about how big his cock was (his girlfriend had measured it recently and come up with 8 1/2”) and having seen it soft a few times I never doubted the annoying truth of his braggadocio. Now I was seeing it erect, slowing sliding in and out of Heather’s hot little cunt. Her eyes were closed, a look of ecstasy on her face, and it seemed she was a size queen. Her heels were dug into Dean’s ass, and she had her arms around his hips as he plowed her slowly and relentlessly in the missionary position. Heather had unknowingly given me a nude sunbathing show at our family’s Interior B.C. cabin about three years previously (see my earlier story Temple of Onan 2), and her body hadn’t changed all that much from what I could see. She was still quite thin, with small boobs, capped with really big, long, hard nipples, and her bush was still neatly trimmed in violation of the dictates of the time, although a bit thicker than what I’d seen a few summers before. Dean glanced up and gave me the thumbs-up as I moved on, hard-cocked from the view, to give my friend privacy as he got his nut.



Maybe 15 minutes later I spotted Heather as I passed by the pool with a couple of just-cracked brewskis. She was down by the change rooms (which had never as far as I knew been actually used for changing, serving as a joint-smoking shelter), and gestured for me to come down. I did (although I quite frankly didn’t like her much) and when I got there she took one of the beers and asked me if I had any pot for us to smoke. I nodded yes and she grabbed my forearm and pulled me into the change room, locking the door behind us as she switched on the light.



Knowing Heather had been well and truly fucked just a short time ago, I got hard immediately, my bulge obvious under my cutoffs. We smoked a joint and she came right out and said, “Your sister told me she found a cumrag in your room at the lake one time and it was pretty much solid with dried jizz. I want to see your big cumshot and I’ll jerk you off, OK?” I wasn’t going to pass on that offer and undid my cutoffs and kicked them off. I knew I’d be much shorter than Dean’s recently used slab, but my cock is very thick and sports a nice curve, so I allowed my horniness to overcome any sense of shame or inadequacy.



We sat on a bench and Heather took my cock almost tenderly in her small hand. She said, “That’s not bad at all. I’m going to edge you, so don’t cum too fast,” and started a slow, teasing stroke, her eyes pretty much fixed on my cockhead. She would bring me close to ejaculation, but then stop jacking me as she sensed my excitement. Then she’d start up again after she allowed me to come down a bit.



Heather broke the silence, saying, “Why don’t you play with my clit and nipples under my swimsuit?” I was a bit freaked by this, not knowing if she’d cleaned Dean’s load from her snatch when she’d changed into the two-piece suit. Good buds or not, I didn’t want to come in contact with his bodily fluids. I settled for cupping her little titties over the suit top - man, they weren’t bad at all! Heather had resumed her slow stroking and my pre-cum had put in its plentiful appearance, giving delightful lubrication to my throbbing cock.



I slid my hand under her top and tweaked those pointy nips (who knew if they’d even had a chance to go down after Dean had laid the meat to her on the couch?). Heather stopped jacking me and slid a hand under her bottoms. Eyes closed, she went into a frantic rub on her clit and soon came, clenching her thighs together and managing to hold in any sounds of orgasm. I could definitely smell her aroused pussy and thought I could even make out the scent of cum as well.



“OK, let’s finish here before people miss us,” she whispered. She took my cock in hand again and rapidly but gently masturbated my now-slick meat, giving lots of attention to my exquisitely sensitive cockhead. I told her through gritted teeth that I was “gonna cum” and unleashed a load to be proud of. Indescribable waves of pleasure pulsed from my perineum and balls through the length of my penis. She directed the first few massive ropes onto her smooth belly, and made me shoot the rest on the change room door and floor. She didn’t stop milking out my cum until every drop was drained. “Jesus, can you ever shoot a wad,” she said, shaking her head a bit.



Heather grabbed a towel and wiped off her belly and my cock and then scrubbed up my semen from the back of the door and the floor. I got dressed, wobbly at the knees and actually light-headed from the pleasure she’d just extracted from my now-deflating cock and unlocked the door. As I started to leave, she asked, “Hey, is Bob here?” I said I thought I’d seen him earlier and she told me to send him to the change room. I found him and relayed Heather’s message. Bob was a really nice guy, but was notorious for his bad luck with women and almost ran down to the change room.



I saw him again a bit later and asked what Heather had wanted. “My God,” he replied. “She locked the door behind me and pulled down my pants and then sucked me off while I stood there. She even swallowed my cum!”







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