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Helping Hand

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Life was sweet as a horny 14 year old teenage lad until the day I crashed my pedal bike, flew over the handlebars and broke both wrists! My masturbatory practices were severely curtailed as with both arms in plaster casts, I could not get myself off. I'd tried humping various items of furniture and only succeeded in chaffing my cock and making a sticky mess in my shorts. I'd also tried using my fingertips, but just could not get the technique right. I'd resigned myself to waiting until the plaster casts came off, that was until the day my older sister's friend Lauren visited.

It was mid-afternoon, both parents at work and my older sister Suzie was at my aunt's house about an hour away from our house. I was in shorts and t-shirt and had yet another boring day stuck at home. Lauren called round and said that Suzie had said she could borrow a book for a school assignment. I let Lauren in and she went up to my sister's room to get the book. I flopped on the sofa, bored yet again. After a few minutes Lauren returned and sat with me on the sofa. She asked how I was and how I was coping with both arms in plaster. I said I managed ok, but some of the simple things like opening a jar could prove difficult. 'Oh you poor thing' she replied, and stroked my leg by way of consolation. This proved to be my undoing as I looked at her dressed in shorts and a halter top. I could feel my cock thickening inside my shorts, not having had a decent wank for some time now.

'Oh, getting a little excited are we'? said Lauren, 'I bet you've not jerked off for a while now'. I couldn't believe I was hearing this from my sister's friend. She was a typical blonde, hair in a ponytail with breasts that filled her halter top, and smooth bronzed legs. My face reddened as my cock began to tent in my shorts. 'Oh, this is so embarrassing' I said as her hand slid further up my leg and her fingers dipped under my shorts and lightly touched my scrotum. 'Let me help you out' she said, 'But don't tell a soul, ok'. I thought all my birthdays had come together at once as she grabbed my cock through my shorts and began to gently stroke it.

'Let me get comfortable' she said as she sat next to me on her knees, her left arm around my shoulders and her right hand administering to my now fully swollen cock. 'Get your shorts off, we don't want to make a mess' Lauren said as I wriggled my shorts down to my ankles. 'Wow that's some cock you've got there' said Lauren. I'd been circumsized at an early age and my cock head was shining purple, engorged with blood. Slowly she began to stroke me, her breasts now just inches from my face. She reached behind her neck, pulled the knot on her halter top and freed her breasts. I groaned as I saw that she obviously sunbathed topless, her breasts a golden color with small but perfect nipples.

I turned my head and instinctively took a nipple into my mouth and began to nibble on it. 'Oh that's nice' Lauren murmered, 'Where did you learn to do that'? I didn't answer, too busy enjoying the experience. 'Are you gonna cum for me'? Lauren asked. I knew it wouldn't be long before I shot a load. Her hand sped up and I could feel that sensation low in my groin as you know ejaculation is not far away. 'Yeh that's it, cum for me' Lauren said, 'I wanna see that hot jism now'. I threw my head back as my legs began to quiver and my cockhead felt like it was fit to explode. Suddenly a rope of cum shot from my cock and flew over my head. Several more landed along my chest and stomach as my cock pulsed and my hips thrust forward. 'Oh my God' exclaimed Lauren, 'I've never seen cum shoot so far'. I was gradually coming down from my powerful orgasm as Lauren said she would help clean me up.

Lauren 'popped round' a couple more times whilst I was home alone, but it all come to a halt when my plaster casts came off. Still I had some great memories to use!



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