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Helper Susie

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This is a great site, Solo! Where did all these ideas come from? You must genius who created this site! Hurray! I always love to masturbate!


All the stories in the site are good! It's becoming an addiction to read the stories everyday! Let me share with you what happened with me a year ago. There's nothing unusual, but I guess some could relate to it. I have some other stories when I was younger but that's for my succeeding sharing. Have a good day!

We had a helper who stayed with us for one year. She was a college drop out but she intended to resume schooling.

Since my parents travelled much of the time to other areas and my sister decided to live by her own, the helper and I were left at the house all alone. I was 23 and she was 19.

She's fond of wearing short shorts or tight fitting shorts or sweat shorts and body fitting t-shirts or blouse. One could immediately notice the mound of the helper. After all, she has a good figure, and an angelic face.

After taking a bath, she would just be sporting a towel wrapped around her body. She would then proceed to her room.

While we're alone, she got used to seeing me walk around the house in briefs or in boxers. I was actually in that mood of tempting her, exposing to her my body. And she complemented the effort.

Every early morning, she would enter my room to get my dirty clothes for washing. It would be a time when I was still sleeping. I don't exactly know whether she's coming (no punning intended) intentionally or not in my room while I was sleeping. But the fact is - I go to bed naked. And by the morning, the blanket had rolled off totally. What I know for certain is that she has seen my dick many times. And most of the time, it was erect. But I enjoy being seen in that situation. I am a discreet exhibitionist by the way!

One afternoon, while she was taking a bath, I walked around the house naked. When she came out of the bathroom only in towel, I passed by her. She proceeded to her room. She closed the door. Then I knocked at her door, pretending to be looking for some stuffs.

She opened the door, and I stand at the door naked. We smiled at each other. And I asked if I could get inside her room. She let me in. Still wrapped in towel, she asked what happened to me that I am walking all around naked and even entered her room. And I replied 'nothing', then I laid on her bed and made some flirty moves.

She giggled when I was trying to grab the towel, but avoided to be stripped off. Eventually, she sat at the edge of the bed, on my side. The towel slightly opened, and I saw her thighs and belly.

I held her legs and rubbed her thighs, and she did not resist. She just looked at me, and my dick. Then I reached farther in between her thighs and she slightly opened her legs giving way for my hand to reach her mound. When I reached her vulva, she uttered 'owww, don't be too fast..' But I continued to rub her mound and pubic area.

She then laid beside me, and hold my dick. I removed the towel wrapped around her. Then we kissed. I caressed her breasts and nipples. She held my dick and started to stroke it up and down. Then I fingered her. I felt she was getting wet. I was very horny. I asked if we could make love but she refused a penetration to happen. Instead, she offered to masturbate me as she has started to do. So I just let her. The warmth of her palm, and her soft body, made me a lot hornier as she masturbated me. With several more strokes, I came on my belly. She stared at me while rubbing my belly with my sperm all around like lotion.

Then I sat down and pulled her to lie down. I spread her legs, and I saw the most beautiful vagina I've ever seen at that time. It was already wet when I opened the labia. And the clit was already swollen. She admitted that she masturbated earlier at the bathroom. Nonetheless, I stroke her clit and labia. I didn't insert any finger in her opening, I allowed her to crave for a penetration. She voluntarily spread her legs farther apart. While I was rubbing and stroking her clit, my face was just less than a foot from it. And I can smell the aroma of her pussy, which made me horny again. So I continued to masturbate her. Eventually she cummed, some sticky transparent fluid started to drip from the opening. I continued till she grasped for breath and quivered as her body stiffened and her nipples hardened. She lifted her hips and moaned so hard and loud. I didn't stop to rub her clit. I wanted her to have multiple orgasms.

At this point, my penis has regained its vitality. So I felt a very deep sensation and I knelt in between her legs, stroked my penis hard enough and jacked off once again.

Since then, every time I see her around the house in her shorts and body fitting shirt, I would certainly get an erection. And I would end up in my room masturbating or running after her in her room for a more satisfying and exciting sex act.



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